How to Recycle Your Money Through Property | Q&A Property Investment w Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

How to Recycle Your Money Through Property | Q&A Property Investment w Samuel Leeds

01:12 How are you preparing your property business for 2021?

02:46 I have £50,000 but don’t want to put it all into one property, what does it mean to recycle your money in property ?

04:44 I am about to complete on my first hmo, thanks to your hmo bootcamp, which was amazing by the way. on the course you spend a lot of time teaching how to find and manage a tenant yourself but i was planning on using a hmo management company to do this, what is best?

06:31 How do you propose i go about finding a property that will appreciate in value ?

08:30 If you set up a limited company and buy a house through that limited company, are you allowed to rent out a room out to yourself?

08:50 Hi Samuel, thanks for your video. your theories apply to outside of uk as well as for us foreigners to invest into the uk ?

09:51 I’m looking for someone to joint venture with, discuss possible property investments, not exactly the typical way to find a partner by posting a youtube comment but if anyone would like to get in touch ?

11:02 Hi Samuel, just wondering what did you do in school, like what gcse and did you go to college or 6th form ?

12:06 When’s the eviction finishing and what is the prize, also how do I apply?

13:36 How much tax do you have to pay when deal sourcing and how does it work?

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