How to Use Equity to Buy MORE Property | Samuel Leeds

In this week’s mentoring Monday, Samuel discusses the best way to use the equity that you have to buy more properties.

When people hear the words DEBT they immediately associate it with a negative connotation. Samuel explains that there is something called good DEBT. A mortgage can be seen as debt and people have been conditioned to pay this off as quickly as possible.

Instead, you should see the mortgage as leverage using this money to reinvest into further properties this will be known as good DEBT. When it comes to purchasing you should view each house as a business and understand ways that you can profit off this.

Think with logic and not your emotions! Many of Samuel students have come to him with their homes already paid off but are not aware of the various strategies they can implement in order to create a passive income for themselves.

Having your equity in a property shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing and with the correct training and knowledge, you will be able to utilize this into something great!

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