How will Brexit impact the property market?

Brexit vs Property.

Brexit has fast become every property investors worst nightmare due to prolonged negotiations and the complex nature of leaving the EU. It's becoming increasingly harder to predict what the outcome of the current property market will be and how house prices will be affected.  Many people have taken the approach of postponing their pursuit of buying homes until the Brexit situation has been resolved. The prices are also predicted to fluctuate with the prospect of no deal being reached between now and the March deadline. 

The potential outcome of no deal being reached can result in consumer rates and interest rates all rising with another potential hit being on the home sellers with prices falling.  The best method of approach to counter the current housing market would be to buy with conviction purchase  homes based on the personal household requirements e.g the daily work commute, schools and local amenities instead of the potential risk factors that come with brexit that may or may not impact individual housing requirements.      

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