How would I invest £10k, £50k, £100k?

How would I invest £10k, £50k, £100k?

Hello everyone! I am Samuel Leeds, you know me well I am a property investor. So today in this video I will share if I have ten thousand pounds then where I would invest it. And if I get fifty thousand pounds and one million pounds then how would I invest all of them. I have 12 years of experience investing in properties so this has broadened my knowledge scale about what to do with the amount rightly. I love sharing my experience with you all so let’s start.

Rent to Service

Okay if I received ten thousand pounds so I personally won’t do an investment. Yes because I think £10k is not enough to put into property if you are finding to live in. See if you buy a property with this amount to live in then you can’t rent it out and it will not benefit you like it won’t make any money. You can put this amount into any property business, I would go for this or any rental accommodation service. What I suggest is to invest in rent to rent business and if you got even 3 deals per month that would be enough to make money. This way you will make a good amount, save it and then buy a property rather than buying a small house for £10k and then it will take years to collect this much amount. So better to invest smartly where you can make money from it.

HMO Property

If I get fifty thousand pounds I will invest it to buy a property. But what kind of property? A normal average house? No! I would rather buy a property and add value to it. Like I will buy a property, I will add rooms to it, turn the drawing room into a bedroom and make it an HMO property which is (House is multiple occupation) and rent it out room by room. I will go for the area where article 4 rule is not applying that says you can’t buy anymore HMOs. This gives me a good return from renting out every room and then I would refinance the property. This is how I would utilize my £50k.

Buy Refurbish Refinance Property

Now how about one hundred thousand pounds? What would I do with that? Okay now I will buy a big Victorian house. You must be thinking how can I buy a big Victorian house for £100k right? So I will buy a house with structural or any sort of issues that will cost me cheap. A house that might have any kitchen problem, wall damping or any kind of issue. I will find a house which is  available in auction. I will buy it with my £100k. And then I will spend a little bit to fix those things and refinance the property to get a good return. I will add the value of spending a little amount to it. This is called buy refurbish refinance property where I will invest my money. Through this I’ll get my £100k back by adding the value and getting the good rental demand.

That’s all from my side I will invest £10k, £50k and £100k into three different property ways to get a good return. I hope you find my video helpful and if you want to know more about property then don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel

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