Huge Property News Updates – BREXIT IS DONE, £100m Government Fund & Changes of SDLT.

Samuel Leeds

Huge Property News Updates – BREXIT IS DONE, £100m Government Fund & Changes of SDLT.!

Hello! I am Samuel, and I am back with some massive property news updates as I am in this field and buy properties, so I am working on it and researching what will happen next. But the problem is the media, which is portraying false news. They have been saying the prices of houses will crash, but this is not true at all. Like they are just spreading the unrealistic news, which doesn't seem to be the prediction. What they are also saying is that there is not going to be any deal with Brexit.

Boris Johnson Cautions Britain For no Deal Preparation.

Boris Johnson denies as well that we don't go to get any deal. Even many people are saying and agreeing to this false news. But what happened? An agreement has been made with Brexit. It has been told that house prices will crash in the coming months, and I was the only one who didn't accept this statement. 


I did a video in July saying that houses' prices will go up by the end of December or the start of January. See, it's almost the end of December, and it's happening. I said it would go up about £220 thousand. You can see my previous video, where I predicted this. 


£100m Fund Announcement and price fluctuations

Many famous personalities were saying there will be no deal, but it doesn't happen. Many people lost their jobs due to uncertain conditions, but they have shares and investments, so the house prices continue to go up. But the media don't notify them. Actually, they don't want to talk about this. 


The government announced the £100m fund on 16th December for the developers. This will help to develop brownfield-site for building more houses. They want more homes to be made and to keep the economy and market of the property going. You just have to follow the rules to do it. Again it seems nonsense and completely fake. Also, why is the stamp GT up? Around 29 thousand people are on the petition to extend some GT holiday from 31st March. What do you think is going to happen? I guess maybe, but we can't say anything.

I will only say to you people not to trust the media news. At least I provide you the information after doing the research from different sources. However, it is my opinion, but still, it's genuine. You can take property education from me, and I am honored to provide you the information I have. If you like my videos, then don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you!

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