I Just Bought Another Land Development Site in Leeds

Samuel Leeds

I Just Bought Another Land Development Site in Leeds!!

I just bought another piece of land where I am planning to build an apartment block in Leeds.

The plan is to build a five-apartment block, two bedrooms ensuites and it's going to be amazing as I’m going to document everything.

I’m really excited as I met with tony who's my business coach and he’s generated over a hundred millions in business and now looking forward to invest in me. He’s never done a land development deal in his entire life and super excited to be part of it as he looks forward to learn from the master.

The project is going to cost us about 210,000 pounds to buy it as everybody was beeping and congratulating us as they passed by.

I previously did a video at the location and within five minutes, everyone was putting the postcode in the comments and I was glad I did it.

Many Northerners are complaining that I’m coming up North to take all the houses but the truth is that I’m not taking the houses but building them and boosting the economy.

I hope that we'll get planning which is going to push the value of the land right up as the profit is in the planning. To get planning, you also need good planning consultants like David and find the sites.

We did the first draft layouts and if we don't get planning for it, we’ll put this particular site in film which means that there is a plot of land in between other residential units.

If they say no to flats we could maybe build a couple of houses, as they can't refuse the houses because again, that's in keeping with the area and so, we'd get two houses on that land which would still make profit because the houses would be worth about 300,000 to 350,000 pounds. 

Either way, we're going to make money and it’s really important to have a good power team as you've got to be around good people and that's the most important thing to succeed. 

However, the thing is, I’m opening up and letting other people get involved so that they can do the same thing too and that's the best thing. If you want to get involved, subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you see me in the streets just come and say hello as I’ll get you involved.

If you want to come and spend a day with me at the property investor’s crash course, it's free on the house!

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