I’m Sorry…..

Samuel Leeds

I’m Sorry……

Hello everyone! I am Samuel Leeds, a property guide from the UK. Today I will be giving a free gift to anyone who has been asking me about the property investors crash course. I am sorry I won’t be giving you anything, which is a lie. I will be honest with you as every single course has been sold out. There is nothing left for you now! There were many courses, and within a week or two, there was nothing left! Let’s see what I can do for you guys to give you an insight into the course.

Why am I giving you the gift?

As hundreds of people are messaging me about the Investors crash course, especially in London, I would like to assist you in that regard. All the courses have been sold out. There is not much left for you in London, Manchester, Leads, Portsmouth, Birmingham, or even Swindon. Every course is sold out. I am amazed at who lives in Swindon! Yet, the course is sold out. I am so shocked at how everything is sold out in just a week or two. We are sold out of every single crash course, so that is why I wanted to give a small free gift to anyone who wished for a course or all the people who have been messaging me. 

Response of the People

People have been asking me about just squeezing them in. just maybe one person, but at times like this, it is not possible, and I end up feeling like a jerk. They push me to let them stand at the back of the room or just squeeze them in. I know these people. They are like friends, but if I keep on squeezing in just one, I will end up squeezing in another few hundred. I wasn’t even sure whether people would even come out of their comfort zone for the physical programs. There is already Samuel 365 running online, so I never thought that the people’s response would be so high.


I am so happy to see that all the courses have been sold out. This is excellent progress! Although, the lockdown will be pushed again, so my operations team would be dealing with that stuff and social distancing. Meanwhile, I will just show up and bring the fire with me. If you have been quick enough to book the course on time, you will get a chance to meet me as I will be there to share my course personally. So massive congratulations to all those who reserved their spot! It is going to be an excellent training program. I just can’t wait to meet you all and begin the lecture!

The Early Morning Bootcamp

Just today morning, I was delivering a training program on lease option Bootcamp, and I was telling the people about what Napoleon Hill said. He said if you can conceive it, you can believe it, and then only you will receive it. This was when I thought about how powerful his statement is. This is the reason why there aren’t people who managed to achieve enormous wealth, the reason why many people are not millionaires, the reason why people aren’t building or purchasing properties. Because they are not conceiving the actual options, they are not aware of the lease options, the agreements, the strategies to acquire a property on a lease option, and they can’t even use someone else's money to purchase anything. This is all because they just can’t conceive of it. Some of you are really like this! 


You do not perceive how come it is legit to use someone else’s money, how the lease option works, and how it is even legal to purchase a property without actually having the whole amount of money. This is where you go wrong. You have to conceive things before making a move ahead. The first step is to conceive! Then you have to understand it. Once you understand it, you are going to believe it. You have to believe that it can happen to you! You can do it! As soon as you believe it, you are going to receive it! This is what the crash course is all about!

The Free Gift

So, the gift you have been waiting for is right now on Amazon! It is a book by me which is named ‘The secrets of Property Development.’ It is the most fantastic book that I have read. I have written up six books for now, but this has the most impressive free tips about property management. The gift is that I will give away free copies of the book, and this offer expires tonight! You have a few hours to grab your copy; otherwise, you will have to pay me the total price from the next day. For all those who have missed the crash course, this is a small gift for you!

Wrap Up!

Hurry up! Go to the subscription link and check out the copy of my book at Amazon! You will love the contents of the book and will be glad to receive your free copy. This is a limited-time opportunity, so don’t wait. Just avail of it! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! See you soon!

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