Is Samuel Leeds Negative?

Is Samuel Leeds negative?

Is Samuel Leeds negative? In life you can often argue there is room for general scepticism. In creative fields, we encourage constructive criticism to allow for growth. Can the same be said for business? Is there room for negativity when it comes to chasing your property portfolio dreams?

The video today is all about the topic of negativity. Samuel talks with his brother Russell Leeds about the question

Samuel’s Message

Samuel is by all accounts a positive person. When it comes to property training his message is all about overcoming self-doubt and taking action to use properties as a vehicle to achieve your personal dreams! In life he is positive, encouraging and wishes everyone to see the power and simplicity of becoming a property investor.

But in truth when it comes to business Samuel can very well be negative. But negative in all the right ways. How you ask?

The mindset.

Samuel will not be deterred by fear of the unknown, but instead, he is driven to find the best deals. His negativity comes in the form of knowing he can find/do better deals. He believes that at no point should you say; “This deal docent work so, therefore, no deals are going to work.” He is thinking this instead “This deal is too risky or too conservative, let’s do better!”

This video is worth the twenty minutes of your time trust me. So sit down, settle in, grab your favourite snacks and take notes!

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