Is University a Waste of Time?

Samuel Leeds

Is University a Waste of Time?

In today’s article, I want to talk about university and answering questions such as; is it a waste of time, is it a scam, should you go there? On the other hand, is it a good thing that is going to set you up for life and give you a foundation for progressing in your career?

The thing that made me want to do this article was because it's a big argument going on right now on Samuel 365 Facebook’s community.

A guy called Nick who is part of the Samuel 365 community posted something about the university that wasn't great advising people not to spend tens of thousands going to the university among other reasons.

I wanted to give my opinion on this because I think that the answer is very straightforward.

I've got three kids now and so, I need to know what I’m going to say to them when it comes to matters to do with education.

My thoughts are, the university is neither good nor bad and it's neither a waste of time or a good use of time. The university is a tool that can be used to get you where you want.

However, if you do not have a goal, there’s no point or reading this article because you have to be clear with what you want in life first to in order to contribute to such debates.

If your goal is to become a doctor, guess what, you're going to need to go to the university to become a doctor and so, going to university is good.

On the other side, if your goal doesn't require going to the university and you want to become a property millionaire or run a successful business by employing other people, you don't need to go to the university because it is a complete waste of time

I’m in property right now and my net worth is 16 million pounds as I started from scratch for the past 12 years.

Going to the university for me would have been a complete waste of time because when I go to the bank to try and get a loan to buy property, they don't ask me what did you get at school or what accreditation certificate have you got?

What they ask me is, my financial credentials and what I’m investing in.

Therefore, what I need is to work on my financial credentials and find deals that stack as I build my experience and get my relationships and network in order.

I have people asking, but Samuel, what about if I do real estate at the university?

Personally speaking, I haven't done real estate deals at the university but I’ve spoken to people that have and spend a lot of time talking about technical things like what's inside the windows of the property industry.

I went to Birmingham bible institute for three years and studied theology but didn't do that for the certificate or getting a job.

I went there simply because I wanted to do it for my own enjoyment alongside my property business.

Therefore, to say going to the university is bad or good/you should do it or you shouldn't is quite an ignorant thing to say because it really depends on the person and so, let's stop judging people for what they choose to do with their life.

However, when people go to the university to study drama and get into 40,000 pounds worth of student debt just because they don't know what to do, well that becomes too much drama.

When I started in property, everyone was judging me like what are you doing going to these courses and trying to be a property investor as I was some kind of renegade but now, the pendulum's almost turned and it's almost like property has become a cool thing.

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