Liv Cooke’s Latest Refurbishment – Property Tour in Manchester

Samuel Leeds

Liv Cooke's Latest Refurbishment – Property Tour in Manchester……

Hello guys what’s up? My name is Samuel Leeds. I had a property tour to Manchester where my business partner Liv Cooke welcomed me. She bought a property through the method of BRRR. So, I decided to visit that property and see what deal she made. Let’s see how it is.

Property Tour

I reached Manchester then Liv to visit the house she bought. The strange thing was Liv didn’t see the inside of the house before. So, we went together to see the inside look. After all the research and everything Liv decided to buy this house. It looked pretty amazing. She made HMO property and converted the three room house into a six bedrooms house. 


Liv bought this house for 165 and the new value according to her  will be 295 minimum and in the good case it can reach to 320 as well. The amount she will spend on it is 65 so total would be 230 including the buying price of the house which is 165. And for example in the worst case if the value would reach to 300 then she is going to pull money about two to five. That's not bad.

When i asked her what two things she will never change when buying a house? She said, good location and big size. It was her first BRR project. She showed me all the bedrooms and explained how she will fix some of the rooms which need some refurbishment. 


Discussing about the rent, Liv said in the start will take little hit in the rent and manage everything through management company as she has her career to look after. She is investing in the property for passive income because her career is bringing active income. I asked why she chose this property to buy? She said:


  • The one main reason is the location because it is in the main city and is located in demanding area
  • Another reason is the guaranteed rent and the cash flow will be high due to its location and presence

Asking her to share the tip for people who want to get into property. Live said, just do it! Like do not think too much or make plans instead if you are seeing any opportunity or you have something to do so make it happen. 


Wrap Up!

Well the house was a bit messy inside but you have to turn difficult things into easy one. Liv did it with her confidence and she said that she learns new things every day from me. That’s a great compliment for me. Once you achieve you will keep doing it with more confidence. I like the deal she got. Well, this is all for today. If you like my video then do subscribe to my YouTube channel. Till then take care. Bye!

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