Martin Roberts from TV | BEST PROPERTY ADVICE

Today’s thoughtful Thursday features a very special guest. Martin Roberts known from TV’s homes under the hammer sits down with Samuel Leeds to discuss all things property.

Martin has been the face of “Homes under the Hammer” for 15 years. The show follows renovation and auctions around the country. It sees properties both commercial and industrial purchased at auction then put through necessary renovations.  The process is documented then revisited after a few months. It will be revalued to determine if the purchase and renovation was a success.

Throughout his career, Martin has divulged his best tips in how to avoid the perils that sometimes come with buying at an auction. Samuel over the years hasn’t invested strongly in properties from auctions due to their unpredictable nature.  He did however use an auction to purchase a CASTLE which Martin was very impressed with.

In order to successfully purchase at an auction following the tips and strategies laid out by Martin in his book ‘The Property Auction Guide’ can go along way. This book allows Martin to share his years of working within the property field and the countless amounts of properties he has been involved in at auction.

The beauty with Martin is that not only has been working on his show for 15 years but he has also invested in over 3,000 properties. This gives him a strong perspective on properties with wealth of knowledge.

His book gave Samuel a new outlook on purchasing properties at auctions and was amazed by the book. So much so he has instructed his brother Russell Leeds and the whole staff at Property Investors UK to read it!

In 2019 Martin is still buying properties and still enjoys the thrills of auctions and teaching people. Throughout this, he seeks to put away some of the myths and misconceptions about investing in auction properties.

Martin believes that anyone investing in property should take the time to do as much of the refurbishment work themselves as possible. This could mean simply painting and decorating. If you are not strongly suited to some of the work that needs doing. Martin suggests learning through books and YouTube. All of this can help cut down on the costs.

Moving forward into the Martin is working on a massive project that he is extremely excited about. This involves a plot of land and a derelict building. He has just filled for planning permission for an innovative project which will undoubtedly be a true success.

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