Massive Property News Updates—BREXIT IS DONE, 100-Million-Pounds Government Fund & SDLT Changes

Samuel Leeds

Massive Property News Updates—BREXIT IS DONE, 100-Million-Pounds Government Fund & SDLT Changes!

Massive news had come out on Christmas Eve on property investment that nobody is talking about.

I am very well-researched about it because I’ve been buying a lot of properties myself, and I have a property education channel as well. But the thing is, the news channels and the media talk absolute nonsense.

The Crash In House Prices? 

They’ve been saying that the house prices will crash. They’ve been saying a lot of different things, which haven’t come true—they are false. I feel like you can see what the newspapers are saying and then look at what’s happening and it would be the exact opposite.

All this time Boris Johnson had been saying that we’re not going to get a deal. The news channels have been saying that we won’t be leaving. And at the last minute: BOOM! It happened and we got a deal with BREXIT.

What I believe is that this will bring a sense of certainty in the people in Britain and it’s going to continue to raise house prices. I’ve been saying this since July that house prices will rise. Every man and his dog said that it won’t happen, but it did. They were about 220,000 pounds and I said that it would be about 230,000 pounds.

When people were denying BREXIT, I said that the government would want to incentivize people to raise house prices. On December 16th, the government announced that there would be a fund of a 100 million pounds to help the developers. They are desperate to have more houses. Because they are so afraid, they announced the Stamp Duty Holiday. But you don’t have to be afraid, you can educate yourself and be confident.

Don’t listen to the media. Don’t get your property information from the news. Because they talk absolute nonsense.

Wrapping Up

This was my piece of advice for the property investment enthusiasts. Of course, it is my opinion; however, I have been researching and I keep on researching the field to know what’s happening.

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