Maximise YOUR profit in THREE HOURS!

The Interior Design Challenge 

Did you know, you could increase your profit on airbnb rentals THREE HOURS from now!? By giving your room(s) even the smallest bit of TLC, even on a tight budget, you could begin to rent your rooms out for an extra £20 – £40 a night. But how?

Beyond the bricks and mortar, the deal sourcing adrenaline and passive income portfolios, inside every square foot by square foot meter is a place a human being (or at least we hope) will make a home. They can be quirky, avant-garde, minimalist or rustic cyber-punk. Whatever peoples preference, the one thing that’s for sure, is the importance of bringing the most basic of interior design finesse to your portfolio. 

Simplicity sells. To maximise profit you’ll want neutral tones, clean and sleek yet considerate furniture. Accompanied by fresh towels and healthy plants, adding a pop of crisp emerald. It already sounds luxurious right? The best part though is that it won’t break the bank to achieve the luxurious yet humble abode look.

At the end of the day, even with just the smallest of tweaks it can make all the difference. And with this one video you can can go from bland to on-brand. In this weeks Vlog we’re changing it up! Samuel tasks his wife Amanda and talent Manager Amelia to give a typical London airbnb rental room a complete makeover! In only three hours! With only £300… can they do it?

Interested in the crash course? Learn more by clicking here.


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