Millionaire Helps Poor Man Get Rich in 7 Days | Rags to Riches Property Challenge

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Millionaire Helps Poor Man Get Rich in 7 Days | Rags to Riches Property Challenge

Hi. My name is Samuel Leeds and in this video I will show how I helped this poor man to become rich in 7 days. Evan is having a cake for his son’s birthday and he posted on the story that ‘one of the most difficult things in life is lack of finance.’ It hit me really hard and I decided to message him right away and get his address to spend the whole week at his home to do the challenge to make him rich.

A Challenge to Become Financially Free

Evan’s house is in London. On my way to his home I was quite nervous about what he was thinking as he knew I was coming. Well he along with his girlfriend welcomed me and it was his girlfriend’s parents’ home so they had to convince them for Samuel’s stay. Evan doesn't even have a house. He showed me his tiny room where he has a soft board filled with the goals he wants to achieve in his life and he told me all that.

They asked me to live in a shed and I wouldn’t mind living there . I was excited. But due to some issues and having a small house, his girlfriend's parents wouldn’t agree for my stay. Evan got embarrassed obviously as he can’t say anything because it’s not his house. He told me that this is why he desperately wanted to do this financial freedom challenge to get his own home and live his dreams with his lovely wife.

Financial Freedom Challenge at My Home

Then I called my wife Amanda and asked her that I wanted to do a financial freedom challenge at our house with Evan to which she said yes and our excitement level went up. Evan recorded a video of how much he is happy to be in my house which he said it looks like a mansion and he wants to become financially free.

We started a conversation with how to take the route of this challenge. First I asked him about the money in his account to which he replied just 23 pounds as he got nothing. He told me that his current income is 750 which he got from rent to rent process after watching my training videos because he got no job.

The amount he needs is 300 to 400 grand a month to live in a luxury apartment which he always dreamt of. He invested around 7000 pounds in rent to rent a business which he finds costly. I told him to start as we will bring you a reference for good start as he had faced hurdles having no reference previously. Then we will move to the packaging and selling deals to get the money, also two to three rent to rents. We will push up his income through deals and find property through which he can do joint ventures with somebody leading him to become a property owner. Then we will look for an apartment for him in London to live in. Evan didn’t have much idea of all these as he never did so I said I will help and guide you.

Creating Strategies

First thing is, we need to map our plans on a piece of paper to make a proper route. We have to be on every social media platform and set an event for tomorrow to get rent to rent deals and attract the customers to come in. We have to build a network to get it done. We made strategies and created a map all night for good results.

Next day, Evan had to call people and I told him how I would talk to them saying that ‘Hey what’s up? My name is Samuel and I want to talk about the rent to rent as we give guaranteed rent to rent to our landlords. Then tell them the agent we are working with will take the fee of management which is normal and then we manage the tenants.

Evan did well on call and he got how it works. We went to one’s home where a lady came out and I asked her to do business with us – a rent to rent to which she denied because Evan is not English and she only trusts English people and not African or Caribbean’s.  Evan got depressed. We should not support racism. Let’s say no to it.

Anyway we moved on to the next, we visited a property which is quite good and modern and we can rent each room for 700 pounds that would be amazing. They asked for 1800 pounds and we were surely going to get it. For Evan’s apartment we need 2000 pounds from packaging sale. So we viewed an eight bedroom recently refurbished property and we decided to get the deal. I told him to be confident and don’t lower your voice because you have to achieve it with a good note. Send emails, talk on calls, go for viewing, do everything to stay in touch with your clients.

We will ask for permission from the landlord to turn the reception into a room. We then turn into all rooms and make money from renting it out on cheap keeping the profit in between. It also does not require any HMO license.

deal selling

Locking Deals

Our deal one got done after that. Now we had to look for some investors to do packaging and sell deals. We discussed how much money Evan will get from rent to rent and how much he will need after that to live in a nice apartment in London. It almost requires 500 grand to pay the bills, maintenance and other expenses. Evan wants to be a homeowner and doesn't want to be on rent. He wants it as an investment purpose. He said if got good cash flow he would invest in Liverpool. We decide to go to Liverpool and find a sweet HMO deal Evan recorded a video where he was telling about his rent to rent deals and the profit he will gain. He talked about the benefits of renting those properties and the finder's fee which is 3000 pounds. He asked people to contact him if they are interested. He posted a video in seven groups to get clients and in just 18 minutes he got three inquiries with one guy who seemed interested as he asked for all the information on the spot. On WhatsApp he got two individuals asking for the information. I made a brochure to send all the people through email with an action call.

We wanted some of the places for an appointment to buy a property and the company gave us the numbers of real agents and I called them. One of the agents picked up my phone and I told them I want an investment property and I am in town and if he could book an appointment so we can have a visit which he said he will do in a while. Luckily, we got an appointment with a person named David. I told him that we are looking for HMO property where we can turn every living space into rooms like and then refinance them.

We locked four rent to rent deals which was amazing. These properties will give 3200 pounds a month. We visited different properties and looked at what they were offering. Evan got calls asking for the money on rent to rent deals and he said to pay then next day. It was going to be a big win as he sold rent to rent deals. Evan was asked for his bank account details to transfer the money as he received a call to make a deal and it was a happy moment. He then got money physically in the bank but I told him to secure two more or one at least to make six grand from three thousand pound. And look Evan got one more deal done and now he can pay for his other two rent to rent deals.

Property Visits in Liverpool

We viewed one house in a good area and it’s on 115 for sale on which we will get for 95 grand which is 20 grand below market value. I suggest Evan to refurbish the house by yourself and ask the investors to put in 95 grand. It would be a good investment as we rent out on HMO. We went to HMO management to talk about HMOs before we start packaging and selling deals in Liverpool. They manage around 600 rooms in the city and it will be 605 soon hopefully. We got all the details.

We have got nine thousand pounds in Evan’s account. Two rent to rent deals and Evan has to pay them. Now we are back in London looking for the apartment. He got keys of rent to rent and he wants to look for his dream apartment as well. We went to view his dream luxury apartment, it was outclass and Evan was so happy. An agent who showed us the apartment was also the fan of my YouTube channel as he immediately recognized me when I met him. He said I am here because of Samuel’s intellectual videos as he inspired me to do property work otherwise I would be working in a pub.

A Success Celebration

Evan was going to surprise her girlfriend Ellen so we decided to secure the apartment and come on Sunday with Ellen to surprise her. I

the eviction

 called Ellen and said to have lunch with on Sunday and I’ll drop you a dress to which she said okay. She had no idea that she would be having lunch in her own home.

I and Evan along with my colleagues had a party to celebrate the success of Evan as he did a wonderful job in just a week to earn his own apartment. He earned nine thousand pounds in a week, that’s superb. Now what we did next, we made some calls to get a joint venture partner for Evan. I suggest him to call his girlfriend’s dad and make him a joint venture partner. He called and explained how this property will be a win-win situation for both. Dad asked to send him the numbers and details of the whole process so he can go through it p

roperly then discuss with mom to make a final decision. 

Evan sent him an email to look over everything and get satisfied. As a backup plan if his girlfriend’s dad didn’t agree, we called some other people to have on board at the last minute. But the very next day, Evan receives a call from dad saying yes to his deal. Evan shared his one week experience in my crash course program.

Securing the Last Deal

Now what next is, he needs to sell one more deal to make ten thousand pounds. I told him to meet the investors that came on my crash course and sell the deal to them. He convinced the person and gave him 14 days when he found a BRR property below the market value and pulled the money and if it did not work out, Evan would refund him. The man agreed and asked to send an invoice.

Evan got his apartment keys and I suggested him to give 10% of the amount to the charity. He obviously agreed to give one thousand pound to the homeless in the streets of London.  Coming towards the surprise, I brought Ellen to the apartment and then surprised her by handling her apartment’s keys to which she gave a shocking reaction and started crying.

Wrap Up!

That’s all making Evan financially free. If you also want to be financially free then make your skills strong and learn property by joining my crash course. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Good bye!

Every week Samuel helps a new person become financially free in property and interviews them on his channel.

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During this weeks challenge, Evans suffered severe racism and opposition, but he did not stop grinding and that is one of the keys to success.

You have to do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

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