My New Book – I’m Giving It Away!

I am giving away my new book and I want you to have a copy! It’s the second volume of the stories of my students that have become financially free or wealthy from property. They did it despite the lockdowns, restrictions and other limitations of the last year and you can too! By reading these stories and case studies of real people, that have taken real action and have had that action pay off, you will be able to find your own way to success if you choose to. That’s why I am really excited about this book and why I am giving it away for free.

You can download a copy for free on Amazon (limited availability). If you want to be in the next volume of my book, you need to get on Winners on a Wednesday. To get on Winners on a Wednesday, you need to become financially free or successful in property via my training or watching/reading my content. In this article, I am going to go over 3 ways to become successful in property in a reasonably short period of time.

1. Rent to serviced accommodation

Rent to serviced accommodation is very profitable with the right area and the right deal. If you make £500-1000 per property, it won’t take you long to become financially free. Many of my success students have become successful in property using the rent2SA strategy. It is a reasonably straightforward and inexpensive way to start out in the property game.

Here are the basics of how rent to serviced accommodation works. You rent out a property with the landlord's consent to provide it to your clients for short stay lets. The landlord signs a specially designed management agreement or corporate let agreement. You pay the landlord a fixed rent each month. You then let the property out on holiday rental sites like Airbnb.

2. Deal sourcing

Deal sourcing is another great way to bring in profits in property. It is much more hands on, but you don’t need much money to get started. A lot of my success students have used deal sourcing in order to make money, which they then use to invest in to buying their own properties.

Deal sourcing is finding properties for investors and charging them a fee to do so. The key is finding excellent deals and negotiating a good price. You can get anywhere between £2000-5000 per deal, sometimes higher. You need to go through a number of compliance steps to start deal sourcing, which does cost some money. Luckily, you can co-deal source without doing any of that. Co-deal sourcing is where you find a deal and pass it on to a compliant deal sourcer to sell to their clients. Once the deal is sold, you get a slice of the sale price.

3. Joint ventures

Another great option is a joint venture. If you have the knowledge and time to find and manage a deal, you can find someone willing to put in the money. If, on the other hand, you have the money but don’t have the time, you can find someone willing to do the work. Make sure to only do this kind of deal with someone you know, like and trust. This has also been one of the ways my success students have become profitable in property.

If you want to be on Winners on a Wednesday, the first step is getting trained. Luckily, I have some free training coming up. You can book your free ticket here. I hope to see you soon for an interview on my YouTube channel!

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