My Next Millionaire Protégé? Samuel Leeds In The Club

Samuel Leeds

My Next Millionaire Protégé? Samuel Leeds In The Club

Hey what’s up? My name is Samuel Leeds. Guess where am I today? Let me tell you all. Today, I am visiting one of the first ever student Jael’s club. She was a great and brilliant student. She joined my training program back then and now she has grown her property portfolio to more than one million pounds. She is doing amazing property deals. I must say she has taken full advantage of my training. I am so proud of her. 

Recently, Jael has opened her club for the first time after the lockdown and I thought to give a visit. So, let’s see how it looks and what she has done inside. 

Interview with Jael In March 2020

Let’s start with a previous interview I had with Jael during the lockdown on 4th March 2020. She was my first crash course student. We had a great discussion. She shared her experience and what she was upto after learning all the property stuff. 

She was living in South Africa and suddenly she started watching my videos and developed her interest in her property. She really wanted to make money so she messaged me and said: ‘I challenged you to please meet me and do something’. What do you think would be my reply? Ofcourse, I welcomed her happily to learn and grow in the field of property. You know there are some students who really show their willingness to get them educated and tell them the way of success. Jael is one of those students. 

Jael had no idea she was going to be my first student. I asked her for dinner and we had a long discussion. It was a great day, she joined my crash course in November, 2014. From that day, she began to consume lots of knowledge and information regarding property because wanted to be rich. This process needs patience and effort and if done with both of them then surely the success will be yours. 

The first thing she did was she booked a council flat for her and I also went there to visit her property. It was  a service accommodation and it was beautiful. She actually converted the property into HMO. She turned the kitchen into a bedroom utilizing a whole space to make one big bedroom. She moved the kitchen to the other side. At that time, the value of the property was 482 grand and its worth was going to be 550 grand after the refurbishment and renovation, which means she added the value of about 70 grand to that property. Pretty good. She took the full advantage of that service accommodation to make it attractive for the customers and now she is happily getting the profit. 

Jael’s Club and Other Property

In a previous interview Jale also told me about her commercial property. After buying the house and converting into HMO property, she moved towards commercial property investment. It is a club Jael bought in the UK. The turnover is about a million per year with a net profit of about 15% which is good. The club was giving a chill feel with lovely music and everyone was totally involved dancing and enjoying including Jael. Such a lively owner. I had a great time there, believe me, free from all the tensions it was just fun. 

She got her hands on the rent to rent property as well. Her monthly profit is about 1000 pounds. Sounds great. This property is situated in Kentish Town, London. The great thing is she has consumed the whole knowledge of property very well and she is trying her luck on all sorts of property whether its commercial, residential and rent to rent. Let’s see what’s next she will go for. And it is not only about luck but of course how you use your mind and education of property. You have to give lots of time and research to make the decision wisely. 

She even raised a fund of about 250 thousand pounds for the club as well. She said it happened all because of me as I introduced her to the world of property and I suggested Jael to start networking. That’s what she did and it gave her a lot of confidence to raise the funds. See, it requires a little bit of push and motivation then you become strong and bold enough to get what you want. Jael really impressed me with her achievements. I must say, you should visit her club once in London if you really like music and a chill environment. It was amazingly designed. She is not stopped here but she is on her way to make more deals and earn more and more profit from the clients. Her story will be inspirational for many. From where she began with nothing and now she is the owner of millions worth of properties.


Wind Up!

Jale introduced me to lots of people in her club and they are also a part of Samuel365. They are also learning about property to become successful like Jael. She was so happy as her club finally opened after a lockdown and so many people are coming in for the enjoyment. Her efforts gave outstanding results. I am so happy for her and feel proud as she really did a great job. If you are also inspired and motivated then join my training program and become a millionaire like her. Also, for more informational and motivational videos, hit the bell icon of my Youtube channel. Bye!

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