My Worst Enemy Will Have To Pay Me £100,000+

In a recent YouTube video, I sat down and spoke to Rob Moore of Progressive Property about our upcoming charity boxing match! The event is happening in Essex on July 1st and I can confidently say that it's going to be a knockout! Not only do I have the UK's largest property training company, but I am also a bigger and better fighter than the guy!

In all seriousness though, this will be a great opportunity to raise money for good causes and put on an amazing show, the likes of which the property training industry has never seen before! I predict a swift victory, probably in the first round, but I’ll let him go for a little bit (just for the entertainment of the crowd)!

1. What we know about each other's fighting styles

I haven’t seen much in the way of footage of Moore's fighting, but honestly, it doesn't matter. Moore has seen some outdated footage of me, but it won’t help him one bit. I'm bigger, stronger, and a better fighter than him. My progress far surpasses any outdated footage he has seen. I'm more than prepared to dominate this match. Moore won't stand a chance.

Moore will try to run from me in the ring and land a lucky punch or two, but I will easily overpower him. There is nothing he can do. Honestly, he should just concede the fight now and leave with a little bit of dignity! But I hope he doesn’t, because I am looking forward to punching him in his smug face!

2. Money to charity

Let's talk about the stakes. We are each putting in £100k. That means the prize pot is £200k. At first, it wasn’t clear if Moore planned to donate the full £200k to charity if he won, but he is now committed to doing so. The profits from ticket sales are also going to charity. This means no matter what, a lot of money is going to good causes! That is really important to me.

But let’s face it. It doesn’t matter what Moore would do with his winnings, because I am going to win! As I will win, I will be able to direct the funds to the most effective and meaningful causes possible and ensure the funds are not wasted. Choosing the right charitable projects to support is important because that allows you to make the most difference in the world.

3. Get your tickets now

Mark your calendars for July 1st at the Brentwood Center. Witness the clash between Samuel Leeds and Rob Moore—the showdown you've all been waiting for. Brace yourselves, because it's going to be an unforgettable night of explosive action and a display of true fighting spirit.

Join me as I crush Moore once and for all. I will emerge victorious, securing a massive win for charity! My name will be etched in the annals of property training history. There are only a few tickets left, so book yours here. No matter whose side you are on, this is going to be an amazing showdown!

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