Office Property Management Who’s To Blame?

In office property management there remains a long-heralded debate between landlords and tenant about who truly claims responsibility for the amenities that come along with the property. These can range from office essentials such as Wi-Fi, water coolers, onsite parking, cafes, and restaurants.

The relationship between tenant and landlord is something that needs to be a consistent two way level of communication and should remain transparent throughout and positive as problems will arise during the tenancy and these will need to be handled in a fast and clear manner.

As the dependence of office work being completed via built-in networks and intranets with that comes the risk of being susceptible to online attacks. More so if the business in question is known to carry high amounts of sensitive data or personal client information. This could leave an issue to who takes responsibility for the cybersecurity.

Avoiding problems like this is key to having a long and fruitful tenancy so perhaps having key office needs to be detailed before any agreement is completed outlining what is needed by the leasing party and what is willing to be provided by property management.

Most building landlords continue to neglect the importance of cybersecurity for all its tenants and only invest in minor of physical security e.g. gates,cameras automated clocking in systems leaving cybersecurity stagnant.     

Property management professionals have stated that they are spending less time dedicating it to improving the facilities that they own in this short space of time not many improvements or additions can be made.

It remains on the leasing party as to what they deem important for the needs of their office so before choosing any property check what is valued the most by business. Some can live without onsite cafes and gyms, but others cannot live without strong and reliable Wi-Fi while no onsite parking can become an annoyance to staff.

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