Property Education = MASSIVE Results | Winners on a Wednesday #28

This week’s winners on features Yordanka Hristova who has recently quit her job. Before quitting Yordanka had worked in her old job for 10 years but was beyond enthusiastic about it and couldn’t wait to leave.

Her story is unique after arriving in England ten years ago from Bulgaria she initially wanted to stay for a short of 6 months.  But after meeting her husband she decided to remain permanently. Together they purchased their first house in 2012.

They began to develop the idea that they wanted to get involved in property and wanted to rent out their home and purchase another. They had acquired some start-up money due to both of them working extremely hard and years of saving.

But their knowledge of investing in property was limited and begun to seek additional help. They came across Samuel's videos on YouTube and started to attend PIN meetings.

June last year they attended one of Samuel's crash courses after taking in all the information that was available during the two days. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing it almost felt too good to be true. Joining the Property Investors academy felt like the necessary step to take.  Wanting to benefit from the education and support offered throughout the academy.

Nothing was easy about Yordanka journey to financial freedom. Even after joining the academy it still was a struggle to reach her property goals. One of her issues was pinpointing the ideal strategy that she wanted to use.  At first, she had a keen interest in doing an HMO but quickly realize that she didn’t have enough finances to invest in her patch of Kent doing HMO’s.

Samuel mentioned to her the idea perhaps dong rent to rent serviced accommodation in her patch of Kent. Which recently has become a hotbed for successful Rent to Rents. Still struggling to land her first deal landlords were not initially reluctant to accepting Rent to SA deals. Which left Yordanka questioning if property investment was for her and was on the verge of quitting.

Attending our serviced accommodation training provided on the academy became to see a change of fortunes.  Being almost of the brink of quitting she return highly motivated and landed her first deal.  A two bedroom cottage in Kent that soon became in high demand and remained occupied with short and long term bookings.

Yordanka property motivation was driven behind the fact that with both her and husband working so many hours they rarely had time to see one another. Which is something that dawned on her and wanted it to change. Her pursuance has led her to continue to grow her property portfolio which now stands at 3 Rent to SA’s. She also has become involved in joint ventures which have given her an additional 3 more properties.

She warns that with entering any partnerships firstly you must do your due diligence, making sure you can trust the person you are working with.   Yordanka is now happily financially free. Making between £2,000 – £3,000 per month. Whereas her old job her monthly take home was £1,500.

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