Property Investors Podcast #15

Fergus Wilson is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. Russell and Alasdair tackle the controversial property landlord’s latest media story.  For those not all too familiar with Mr. Wilson he known throughout the UK for being one of the worst landlords around.

He has reputation for being derogatory towards his tenants, making disparaging comments on the ethnicity of the people that he rents his properties too.  He has amassed an empire of over 900 homes across the country.  As of recent times, he has made it clear that he would like to part with his property portfolio and sell it on.

In doing so Russell reveals that all his current tenants have been served with eviction notices. Potentially leaving all of them homeless. Due to the sheer volume of properties he owns it’s noted that not just house but whole streets are being evicted due to the ownership of Fergus.

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