Property Investors Podcast #16

What is Europe’s biggest buy-to-let hotspot? Russell reveals that Ireland is the best place in Europe to invest in buy-to-lets.

Although being listed with an ROI of just 8% which is relatively low. Ireland still ranks number one for investing in buy-to-lets.

The reasonable prices combined with the stability of the euro all this adds to benefits that investing in Ireland makes. Russell and Alasdair both haven’t invested in Ireland or anywhere aboard but were very were surprised to come across these findings.

On the other spectrum of the list, France appears last which offered some contention for the guys. Russell himself views France’s as potentially place to invest in. Alasdair on the other hand strongly disagrees, he believes that the quality of living in France isn’t up to par especially in capital Paris.

He suggests that most people would be better of investing in the southern part of France where the weather and lifestyle are much better.

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