Quit Work To Do Property Instead? | Samuel Leeds

A popular question that many people have is should they quit there and go full time in property. Samuel gives his view and believes that if you are unsure the answer should be NO!

It’s very easy to within property while doing it full time. How? Using your time more effectively while working your current job will allow you to do both at the same time.  This can be done as simply using your lunch breaks while at your current Monday to Friday job to book viewings.

Saturday would be your day to view them. The secret is to do it part time but earn money as if you were doing it full time.

If you are already investing in property, making money and feel that your current job is hindering you and holding you back then the best thing would be to quit your job. But you must ask yourself can you afford to quit?

Before you make any major decision be sure to invest in yourself first. Making sure that you are properly educated. There are many people that are under Samuels’s tutelage that have become so successful within property that they are able to quit.

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