Refinancing a Property Before 6 months | Q&A Property Investment w Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

Refinancing a Property Before 6 months | Q&A Property Investment w Samuel Leeds

01:01 Hi question for your next Q&A. I’m looking to invest in property in my local area of the Welsh valleys. Due to rule changes you have said it’s best to have property in a Limited company instead of your personal name. As an individual I have good credit rating and cash flow, how difficult is it to start buying property in a brand new Limited company when there is no credit history or cash flow?

02:46 Shoutout to the tik tok that lead me to your page I’m gonna definitely stick around

03:04 Any book recommendations to read for a beginner wanting to learn the basics? Just finished rich dad poor dad was amazing and need another few to read!

03:46 Hiya Samuel hope you’re well! My question is do mortgage lenders still use the 6 month rule or are you able to refinance a property sooner than 6 months after you’ve purchased it? Thanks, keep up the brilliant work, you’re a legend!

04:46 For a first property would you suggest the BRRR strategy or would you just go for a simple buy to let?

06:05 What would you suggest to someone that has bad credit but wants there first property to be buy to let ?

08:25 how do you know how much to offer for a house as they are usually up for more then what they are worth eg i could think im getting a good deal if i purchase on 10% below what it is up for but actually that is probably what the house was worth anyway, if that makes sense

11:19 hi samuel i’m 17 in second year at sixth form would you recommend going to uni to do property management or leaving education into full time work, gain savings and use this to invest in rent to rents etc? thanks

12:32 Hi Samuel, love your content. I’m completely new to property investing and want to get some knowledge, which one of your training courses/programs would you recommend to a beginner like me?

13:16 My financial success came the first day i met Mr Peter Schiff . . . .

14:54 Hi samuel, after discovering your YouTube a few mounths ago I refinanced a property I bought 5 years ago and I'm in the process of getting the deal done on new property which I'm using as a 4 bed HMO . Iv heard you say you don't need a licence for a 4 bed HMO but do I need planning permission? And do I need internal fire doors throughout? Thanks Marcus

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