Revealing My Business Plan of 2022 | The Secrets of Property Development

Samuel Leeds

Revealing My Business Plan of 2022 | The Secrets of Property Development

Hello guys, Samuel Leeds here. Now, for the last 4-5 years, I've kept most of my property deals a secret. I've been doing various projects, but I haven't been making vlogs about them. The reason being these big deals were uncharted waters for me, so I didn't think I had acquired sufficient mastery to start teaching others. Unlike with buy-to-lets, which I've been doing for 12 years.


What Personal Deals Have I Been Doing Over the Past Few Years?

In the last few years, I've transitioned to property development. And it all began when I met Lord Sugar in 2017. I told him my goal was to have 1,000 properties and went over my then business plan with him, which he said was stupid. I also got mentored by Grant Cardone about doing property development deals the right way.

But it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. Back when starting my property development journey, I lost a significant amount of money. I bought pieces of land on an option agreement but couldn't get planning. It was a nightmare. However, I dusted myself and kept going.

I put together a power team, and we managed to get some really lucrative deals. These deals have made a lot of money. For instance, in 2020, we developed six sites after buying bits of land on option, getting planning, then reassigning the option. And from each deal, we made £100,000. 

Currently, we have £100,000,000 worth of property in the pipeline. We own several pieces of land around Buckinghamshire and are building an apartment block in Leeds, Yorkshire. There's also the castle, which I haven't talked much about until now.

The Secrets of Property Development

I wrote my first book ever on property development. It's a small book titled The Secrets of Property Development. I was inspired to write the book because my journey in property development would have been a lot easier and less costly if they were books on property development in the market.

I had to pay Grant Cardone £200,000 to learn about property development, which entails title splitting, finding land, profiting from planning permission, and minimizing tax. Through his mentorship, I learned how to grow and scale a big property portfolio. He even invited me to go and invest with him in some of his deals in Miami, Florida, where he's doing great things. And he's become not only a mentor but a friend as well.

That said, I took all the strategies I've learned from such successful developers and hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of mistakes and mentorships and put it all into this book. If you want to grow your property portfolio, The Secrets of Property Development is a must-read. And the good news is, for a limited time, you can get the kindle edition of this book for free on Amazon. So download the kindle version on your phone or computer today and get to study it time and again.

I mention Lord Sugar in the book. I also talk a lot about Grant Cardone, i.e., how he's been mentoring me and all the things I've learned from him. The absolutely incredible Liv Cooke wrote the forward. Some of the topics covered in the book include Finding Sites and Securing Deals, The Profit is in The Planning, and Buying Land on Option Agreements.

The Secrets of Property Development is not just a book about how I made money. In it are also the stories of how I lost money. Some sections of the book are gloomy-looking. There's a lot of sharks in the property industry. It's a doggy-dog industry. But you can avoid losing your hard-earned money, and this little book can show you how. And I dare say this is my best book and also the most powerful.

I wrote another powerful book called Buy Low Rent High in 2016. The book became a best-seller, selling hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. However, it talks about my journey from 2009, when I bought my first house, to 2016. So in the book, I talk about HMOs, lease option agreements, buy-to-lets, deal packaging, and the like.

The Secrets of Property Development, on the other hand, talks about what I've been doing for the last five years. So it's like a follow-up to Buy Low Rent High, where I go into what I've been doing since 2017. There's also a chapter dedicated to my property development business plan. You'll learn how we find deals, structure them, and finance them. Plus, how joint venture agreements work, how we find investors, and so much more.



In closing, I hope that you all win in property development. It's a straightforward business. I've noticed that people who make millions in property development, some of whom I've mentioned in the book, don't teach. They hide how they do it. But in my new book, I reveal their secrets to success, hence the title The Secrets of Property Development.

It's a short read with about 24,000 words, so you can finish reading it within a few hours. And I believe that this book will change your life. Once you've read it, you'll be seeing opportunities all around you. It's as simple as finding bits of land, getting planning on them on an option agreement, and reassigning them. And just like that, you make six-figure profits.

If it doesn't make you a £100,000 profit or more, I don't talk about it in this book. I've dedicated Secrets of Property Development to big deals only. And anyone can bag such property deals as long as they have the right skills, the right work ethic, and the right training manual such as this book. 

And my results are undeniable. When I started writing books and teaching property investment strategies, hundreds of people put them into practice and are now financially free. Such individuals now tell their success stories on Winners on a Wednesday every week. And with this book, I dare say hundreds of people are going to start becoming millionaires.

The Secrets of Property Development is my gift to you this summer. Accept it by going to this link and getting your free copy. You can also get the paperback version for £9.99. The book is a must-have for anyone who wants to build houses and make six-figure profits, which is my business plan for the next couple of years, i.e., property development.

And guys, if you get the book, kindly leave me a review. I know you'll enjoy the read. With that, here are two reviews from future property developers that have read the book.


“One of the best books I have read such a great inspiration and insight into the plan of a property mastermind! Can't recommend this anymore with all the knowledge you gain and for free is absolutely insane can't wait to get a signed copy of this beauty!” 


— Aaron Kirson


“I have loved every minute reading this book. It was interesting to see what success & mistakes Samuel has made during his process of property development and how he overcome the problems he encountered. Recently getting into property development myself it's great to learn from people in front of me and to apply that going forward. This book is full of value and I highly recommend!”


— Dexter

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