Samuel Leeds Stands Out As Role Model For Charity In Africa

Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds Stands Out As Role Model For Charity In Africa

With Samuel Leeds Foundation, Samuel Leeds Provides Multiple Utilities In African Villages.

Samuel Leeds

About Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds, a London based YouTuber and millionaire property developer, is one of the most well known property investors in the UK writing several books and delivering educational seminars up and down the country. Samuel is perhaps most known for purchasing Ribbesford House, a 20 bedroom castle in Worcestershire with links back to World War 2.

Samuel Leeds Inspirational & Charitable Journey

In 2009, Samuel Leeds happened to visit a Zambian village. He came across their daily life problems, but it was even hard to witness the desperate need for fresh drinking water there. He was overwhelmed and touched by the stories of children who were forced to walk miles to obtain clean drinking water. He vowed that if he ever became wealthy, he would return to the village and make arrangements for freshwater to arrive. He gained financial freedom in the successive year and got a chance to fulfil his vow.

In November 2019, Samuel registered his charity named ‘SAMUEL LEEDS FOUNDATION’, a charity transforming lives in Africa. The charity organization was created to provide relief to the poverty existing in Africa and the United Kingdom. They had initiated water sanitation projects in Africa with proper boreholes set up for water supply in remote villages.

Education is so important to these children and it is something that is not easily accessible for them. The charity organization wanted to make their learning environment comfortable and these changes may seem small but they had a massive impact on the school and the students. This had supported the communal facilities and is currently working with the Ugandan Government to help build schools for the children in rural areas. They also encouraged the local people to start businesses and provided small business loans to budding entrepreneurs in Zambia and Uganda which also consisted of practical development training.

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