‘Samuel Leeds’ Success Students’ Book Out Now!

Samuel Leeds

‘Samuel Leeds’ Success Students’ Book Out Now

Thirty Inspirational Property Investors' Case Studies Packed With Hot Tips From Samuel's Students Who Are ‘Smashing It' As Property Investors!

Samuel Leeds's Rich History In Real-Estate Industry

Samuel Leeds is one of the UK's most inspiring property investors & entrepreneurs and is sought after as an award-winning speaker, both at home and abroad. After writing two best selling books, founding the largest Christian business network in Europe and training thousands of people in business and investment – his social media presence has helped more than 170000 students based on his business advice and mentorship one-one digitally. His motivational videos on the YouTube platform explains the best ways to make money from property deals and he also shares multiple strategies which help individuals choose the type of strategy they would like, and helps them build their own empire.

Samuel Leeds

New Book – ‘Samuel Leeds' Success Students‘ Out!

Samuel Leeds has transformed people's lives by empowering them to become financially free through real-estate investment. This has been his all-consuming mission since launching Property Investors – the biggest training company of its kind in the UK. Before the pandemic, Samuel and his team used to conduct regular meetings at major venues like London and Birmingham, with 500-1,000 people from an average of 17 countries flocking to each event. However, with the ongoing quarantine, Samuel's Institute ‘Property Investors' has brought most of the courses online – be it his ‘Property Investors' online crash course' or ‘Samuel 365', an unrivalled comprehensive package of training and support.

His students are from a host of different cultures and all walks of life. While some are looking for a way out of a job they hate, some are sick of working nine-to-five with limited holidays, others are just starting out with little or even no money to invest. But there is something common among all his students – It's the hunger to succeed and the desire to make life better for themselves and their families. No matter what their backgrounds are, all the participants crave financial freedom and want to be in complete control of their lives, spending every day doing exactly what they choose to do.

Samuel has been a trainer, mentor, and maintained true entrepreneurship by opening up new avenues of right real-estate education. This has helped many first-time real-estate investors to take the first step – the vital step of attending one of the regular two-day crash courses. This book ‘Samuel Leeds' Success Students' has been documented to help real-estate enthusiasts across the globe.

Success Of Property Investors – With Its Students

The real estate investors in this book have all appeared on Samuel Leeds' popular YouTube show ‘Winners on a Wednesday' which talks about their journey and how they have been mentored & guided by Property Investors Institute. The chapters in the book  ‘Samuel Leeds' Success Students' contains precious tips and examples of how each of them capitalised on what they have learned. Their successes bring inspiration and hope to others embarking on property ventures. However, the definition of financial freedom differs greatly from student to student.

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