Samuel Leeds Vs Rob Moore | Full Fight | July 2023

The fight that the whole property training industry has been waiting for finally happened. Me, Samuel Leeds, the owner of the UK’s biggest property training company, fought Rob Moore from Progressive Property. It all started when Rob called me out on a podcast, saying that he would win in a fight between us. I challenged him to put his money where is mouth is and to agree to a charity boxing match. We each put in £100,000s making a £200,000 charity prize pot! In all, we raised £250,000 for charity.

We finally met for the fight and the energy was electric. You can watch the full fight video (above) and see the action for yourself. I prepared for this fight and got into good shape. I went to fight camp and took it very seriously. Of course, I won! But Rob put up a good fight too. In this article, I will talk about exactly what this win means.

1. Number 1 in the property training industry

Property Investors with Samuel Leeds is the biggest property training business in the UK. Progressive Property is a distant second. The same is true in the ring. Rob fought a good fight, but ultimately, I took the title. Our company helps more people win in the property game than anyone else. There are a lot of good property training companies out there, but we are simply the best!

If you want to get started in property, our £1 training events are the place to go. There is simply no better place to start your property journey. Whether you want to become financially free or you already have wealth that you are looking to invest efficiently, we can help you. If you want to be a winner in UK real estate, come to us.

2. Action, not talk

Some people say I am all talk. But I showed that I am a man of action in the ring. I lost weight and got in shape. I trained and I won. Likewise, I take the same single-minded approach in the business and investment world as well. When I set my mind to something, I put my all into it. No half measures, no giving it a go. I play to win in all fields of endeavour, because how you do anything is how you do everything!

This is why I am not a fan of side hustles. Often people treat them like hobbies and not real businesses. This never works out well. Treat every business venture you engage in with the respect it deserves.

3. Making a difference

The best part of the fight is the fact we raised so much money for charity. Even better is me and my team get to decide where the money goes! When giving to charity, it is important to understand where the money is going and that it is doing the most good possible.

When you have money, it is important to be a good custodian of it. Use money to improve your own life, but when you have abundance, use it to improve the lives of others as well. Be blessed and bless others.

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