Seasoned Investor Has Mindset Changed by Crash Course | Winners on a Wednesday #17

Trevor Cooper has been involved in properties for more than 20 years.

Coming from a professional sales background he was made redundant on numerous occasions.

This gave him the impetuses to break out on his own and secure his future earnings. He decided that along with his wife that he would like to get involved within properties. They purchased a one bedroom buy-to-let with very little experience, they gave it a slight refurbishment and put it straight back on the market to be let.

The success of this first property led Trevor into becoming more invested in properties. Due to the success, he had been having he was then able to leave his day job and go full time into the business.

Trevor has amassed a portfolio of eight houses all single lets that have been bringing in a low yield of between 7%-8%.  He was able to make these purchase by putting down a 20% deposit which was generated from his saved income.

The current approach that Trevor had been utilizing was buying properties looking for the best capital growth. He accomplished this by buying in affluent areas. Feeling that his knowledge could always be greater he decided to attend Samuel’s crash course.

After attending the course Trevor’s wife left feeling motivated and couldn’t wait to dive more into property. Trevor also felt the need to make a slight retool in the strategies he had been using. Switching from not just buying single lets but also investing in HMO’s. He was then able to see from the course that it could be a real chance for growth.

The properties that Trevor has are all self-managed, he prefers to take on a more hands-on approach which even then he doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time managing them.  The only outsourced management Trevor uses for his properties is letting agents help locate tenants.

One of the benefits he has after being in the property for so long is the connections he has amassed. Choosing to rely on people he has known for years to help with the maintenance of his buildings. Having a solid team around you is something Samuel often highlights.

Even though Trevor has been investing in property for more than 20 years to this day he still remains teachable. Never stop learning is the ideology he believes in and it’s the thought process that led him to meet Samuel and adopting new ideas into his strategies

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