Should I Transfer Personal Properties to LTD Company? | Q&A Property Investment w Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

Should I Transfer Personal Properties to LTD Company? | Q&A Property Investment w Samuel Leeds

00:36 Samuel how do you determine the end value of the house in a brrr deal

01:18 Hey Samuel, when starting out, how did you decide on the size of the portfolio you were working towards?I'm sure this would have changed over time but right at the start, what was the thought or goal?

02:49 Hi Sam, I have found a 1 bed flat where I can knock down the kitchen wall and split the living room to make it a 2 bed I was wondering what the process is to do this and how? would I need planning permission?

03:27 If I wanted to buy my council flat for a discount could I take out the equity straight away a to invest in a second property?

04:19 I’ve bought my first flat as a BTL , best thing to do next? Waiting for a deposit again is going to take me 1-2 years

05:02 Hi Samuel,Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU for your time and videos. My partner and I have just bought our first house in London for £400k we have put £60k deposit just wanted to ask approximately how much equity can I release after five years and do you think we should wait for 5 years or remortgage after the 2 year fixed interest term I look forward for your reply.

05:56 Hi Samuel, I am about to purchase my first BTL all from listening to you. I am in Birmingham and not too happy with my solicitor. Can you recommend a solicitor to use for my next purchase.

06:50 Hi, Samuel. I still got a mortgage. Can I move my flat from personal/residential to my LTD company and refinance as BTL ? How much is gonna cost me ? Thx

07:39 Samuel bro. All the training packages u offer are online or i have to come at ur acdemy. Coz i live outside uk? 08:03 Do you think non standard construction properties are a good investment properties??

08:56 Hi Samuel. I'm looking to buy a BMV 4-bed HMO in an article 4 area. The seller does not have copies of tenancy agreements to prove HMO status before article 4 came into force, but the property was entered into and declared as a 4-bed HMO in a register kept by the council before article 4. I have seen the proof of this in the register. Would you proceed on this basis?

10:16 Hi Samuel! Buying non habitable property do you have to pay stamp duty? I'm in the process of buying a house which I will turn it to hmo once its fixed up. Also I'm thinking to buy rundown house for myself and then switch to residential mortgage once it' done up. Do you think it is possible? Many thanks.

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