Should you rent or buy your own home?

Should you rent or buy?

Samuel is a big believer in renting where you live and owning what you rent out. If you are wondering whether you should rent or buy your own home, there are several things you need to weigh up. Deciding whether to rent or buy your own home comes down to your own circumstances. What would you like to achieve over the next 5-10 years. If your goals are more centred around having a steady family life and staying one place forever, you may want to buy your home.

However, for most of you the biggest priority will be building wealth. In that case, you we advise you to rent where you live. The money you would have spent purchasing a property, can be used to invest in several smaller properties. Then, you'll generate a healthy monthly income. In fact, several of Samuel's students have launched their paths to freedom by selling their own homes and using the capital to get started in serviced accommodation.

Samuel Leeds and John Lee

In the video, Samuel meets up with John Lee. John is a huge advocate of having the right energy around you and putting good energy out into the universe. As they tour around Samuel's home, it's clear that the environment he spends his time in is instrumental in his daily successes. A nice space helps you to function better. Residing in a place of abundance helps you to attract abundance in your efforts. You don't need a big house to get started in business but it might be one of the items on your ‘dream board'. Samuel also suggests having a nightmare board where you illustrate what your life could be like if you don't put the right energy out there everyday.

Watch this video and take a look at how Samuel Leeds lives!

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