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There is a big question on people’s minds regarding Brexit and whether they should invest in property or not? This blog will give you clarity on the Brexit situation and how it affects you as a property investor in the UK.

Brexit – What’s going to happen?

The truth is no one has a crystal ball and knows what is going to happen! However, Samuel Leeds has shared his opinion on what might happen in the property market with Brexit approachin.

What is Samuel’s opinion?

It is possible that with Brexit, properties could dip in value for a short while however you must keep in mind that the UK is an island. Samuel explains, “We live on a small island in the UK and there is a MASSIVE shortage of houses [and an] overpopulation of people. So long term, I cannot possibly see how there is going to be a big crash and have properties worth peanuts. It’s just NEVER EVER going to happen!”

Since Brexit was announced, in Samuel’s hometown of Walsall, property prices have gone up over 30%! So they are not as stagnant as you might think. You may look at other areas like London and see there has been a dip but that is not a direct result of the Brexit announcement it. It is more to do with the massive expansion in previous years and Samuel says, “Where there is an expansion, there will always for a recession.”

There is a lot of uncertainty around this and house prices may go down next year, only to go up again. But really, you should see the OPPORTUNITY in the situation.


There are a lot of landlords who only get one perspective on things like this because they only watch the news. They don’t fully inform themselves and look at other outlets such as Samuel’s YouTube videos or blogs like this or talk with other successful property investors. All they see is the mainstream media’s crazy headlines that scare them. Scare them into thinking that the properties value are suddenly going to decrease in value, so their solution is to sell off their property portfolios quick! Before Brexit happens.

What does this mean for you?

“This presents a good opportunity for you and for me. I personally and my students, have been buying portfolios and also taking some on under Lease Option Agreements (LOAs)” says Samuel. There are great opportunities out there because of this and you should take them!

You just have to keep in mind that even if the properties do dip in value, for a short time, as long as you are getting your return on investment (ROI) and

monthly cash flow you should not be worried. You would only need to worry if you were buying to sell.

Final thoughts and what to do now?

Don’t WAIT. Most people like to wait and see what happens. Samuel states, “In that waiting time when most people are scared, that is when you should be greedy.” Don’t be like most people, you should get educated so you can find the right properties that give you the right returns that mean you will make an income and you will be fine whatever happens with Brexit.

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