Starting Again From Scratch In N.Ireland

Samuel Leeds

Starting Again From Scratch In N.Ireland

Hello. I am Samuel Leeds. Today in this video I will show I went to Ireland from scratch to secure rent-to-rent property investment. This will give 500 pounds per month to David. We also had to raise 1300 pounds in order to get the keys for rent-to-rent property. So, let’s see how it worked.  

Financial Freedom Challenge Ireland 

We reached Belfast and searched for the people who are interested in selling the property. David got the number and address of a seller from the coffee shop as the shopkeeper told him about that seller that he is interested to sell his house. We also took the interview of that shopkeeper and he was happy to help us find a person.  

David called that person and asked him to meet us and guess what? He said yes! He told us to meet and visit the house. In the meantime, we visited many properties and talked with many agents and negotiated with them. David has great knowledge about the costing and he calculated some of the houses amount and how much it needs to fix up the property. It really helped us.  

David kept trying the whole day to sell the deal on call. He got connected with one where he introduced himself by saying that he is a property investor and has been in Belfast for a week as he got some good deals for the investors. Anybody can contact me if they are interested in the deals. That’s how he introduced himself. But unfortunately, the whole day David failed to sell any deal. So, the next day I arranged another networking event at night for him while the whole day we kept viewing houses. We carried out some due diligence on some of the deals we found yesterday. I also talked to some architect consultants to make sure the deals are good before we sell them.  

I sat with David and told him that I booked a meeting with some of my investors and he had got 5 minutes to pitch the deal and he had to prepare himself for what he was going to say. He had to prepare everything, due diligence, some points related to properties to convince the investors. I gave him half an hour to get himself ready for the questions and to clear his mind with the concepts that he is going to deliver.  

Investor’s Selling Session 

The online conference meeting began and David started to sell the deal. He said Northern Ireland is a great area to invest as It has high rental demand and the deals are profitable and cheap. The one person asked him about HMO to explain. He said it can be negotiated for 80 thousand pounds that will be turned into four bed HMO. The rental amount or profit will be 1450 per month. He said if anyone of you is interested can drop him a message, he will contact them.  

I also motivated him and asked everybody to applaud David and can contact him for the deals as he is the king of properties. 

After ending up the session on Samuel365, David got the message from one of the investors to call him/her. I taught David how to talk with the investors or how you can convince them. I told him to be polite and easy going and make ways for them to get the deals. I said to message every person who contacted him for the deal.  


One person showed interest in the HMO for two and half thousand and the next morning the money was also transferred to the bank. That's cool. We went to pick up the keys for David’s first rent-to-rent deal. The house was so tidy and amazing. David was so happy to have his hands on the first rent-to-rent. It was a five bed HMO so; David wants to rent it out on 650 per month. 

David decided to live in one room and rent out the other rooms. I suggested: he sell more deals and let the money come in and put this on BNB and visit the land of his uncle tomorrow. David got one more investor and he made 2 thousand pounds, that’s amazing.  

Wrap Up! 

This has not ended yet as David wants to find his dream home before I get back to England so stay tuned with us to find more. Hope you like the video. Don’t forget to hit the bell icon of my YouTube Channel


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