Stop doing everything yourself – Business Systemisation

Samuel Leeds

If you grow in business, there are three things you need to do that I’ll be discussing in this article.

The number one thing is of course to scrap jobs that do not need to be done.

People do things in business that actually don't need doing and so what I want you to do right now is to look at your business.

Maybe you are doing things like rent to rent or you're trying to get below market value deals to source and you go around viewing like 100 houses offering 20 below the market value on stuff and all that's happening is you're getting rejected over and over again and you think actually, I don't need to view 100 houses as I need to just pick up the phone and go view somehow and then talk to the agent and just put some offers instead.

Maybe I need to just do pre-offers over the phone like a pretty close rather than actually going and viewing 100 houses?

As soon as you view 100 houses and you just waste your time there, it's like selling to someone which you should stop.

Maybe i'm picking up the phone and ringing all these cold leads trying to sell to them, trying to sell my products or services and maybe I should stop doing that as I should only be talking to people that are actually warm and maybe I need to get them to go through a questionnaire before I even talk to them.

I can therefore just eliminate that job once and for all and get my staff to do that.

Honestly speaking, if you want to grow a large business, you need staff as you can start by just getting a gardener and stop cutting your own lawn. You can start by getting somebody to do your stuff such as a virtual assistant from the Philippines to do some of your admin work as you concentrate on doing other things.

If you're worth 10 pounds an hour, you then need to make sure that you don't do anything that's been done and that's less than 10 pounds an hour. If you're worth 100 pounds an hour, then why would you do a job that's not worth your time?

Wealthy people know that time is money and very important.

business system

The third thing is, systemize so as not to even get staff to do stuff that you can just systemize.

An example of that would be, let's say at the moment, every time someone clicks on your website who’s an interested investor, what you do is to pick up the phone and call them to say thank you so much for coming on my website and I’d like to ask you some questions to work out what kind of an investor you are and what kind of deals you're looking for.

You then ask them some questions, takes up your time and then you realize that actually, I don't need to do that and maybe I can scrap that and get staff members do it instead but in the real sense, you don't need to do that either as you can systemize it.

One of the things I learned when I started deal sourcing as I was doing exactly that by ringing up investors and asking loads of questions and I thought, why don't I get a website and get a landing page where it just does an automatic little questionnaire and when someone clicks on the website, it asks them to join my mailing list and then they join the mailing list and then it says great please answer these questions?

I think it's really important as a business person, property investor, property entrepreneur or if you're in business and you want to grow and want to scale, you need to make sure that you are systemising your business.


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