Struggling To Get Investors To Buy Deals From You? WATCH THIS!

Samuel Leeds

Struggling To Get Investors To Buy Deals From You? WATCH THIS!

Hi everyone! This is Samuel Leeds, your property guide. If you are new into property or it’s been a long time but you didn’t get investors for your deal to buy then  don’t worry. I have brought this video for you to learn and act immediately to have good cash flow. Let’s begin.

How to Grow Investors?

Everyone wants investors who are quick to take action because if you say that find me an investor then you can go to my Facebook group Samuel Leeds Investors. You will find so many investors but not everyone is willing to invest. So, people want an investor who is prepared to buy their deal. You can find investors at my events where 100 investors usually come and all are well-experienced and qualified. You can also find investors on Facebook groups. Expand your networking and find from there. 

Questions to Ask Investors


 You need to ask three questions to the investor.


  1. What they are looking to invest in?


If the investor knows where he/she is willing to invest and about what then he/she is really a serious investor. 


  1. Just repeat what they said and ask them the details to send.


When they tell you about where they are willing to invest, they repeat the whole thing adding little bit details about that area then ask them, “Would you like me to send the details? If they agree on this then you are going great. Take all of their details including email, business card and note it down. It will create a good impact on them. 


  1. Are you in the position where you can proceed if any opportunity comes?


This is the third question which you will ask to the investor indirectly. Like, you can’t ask them directly how much money you have in your bank account. So, move smartly and ask if I find any deal, so would you like to invest in or are you in the position to move forward? If they say yes, then you already have the answer. It means they are serious investors and you got them. You will add in a list of investors who are ready to buy from you.


Wrap up!

So, what you have to do is just surround yourself in a room with investors and ask these above three questions. Whoever agrees to all of this then congratulations you have got the investor. Introduce yourself and tell them about your fee. Get them a deal as soon as possible to have good earnings. Hope you find this video helpful. Kindly, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Take care, bye!

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