Success with Major Disability, NO EXCUSES | Winners on a Wednesday #31

Lee Barber takes the seat with Samuel Leeds to discuss his property investment journey and how attending the crash course and eventually joining the academy have helped him achieve his goals.

A year ago James decided to attend a Samuel Leeds crash course. After starting the process to self-educate himself by reading the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Teaching himself the basics of good debt and bad debt.  Lee has experience of investing in properties using more than one strategy such as Serviced Accommodation, Buy-To-Lets, and HMO’s.

What Lee learned from the offset of his time attending the crash course and joining the academy was the due diligence it takes in order to be successful in property. He learned this when he had acquired an HMO in the city of Middlesbrough.

A roadblock wasn’t too far away as after completing a serviced accommodation in Liverpool. He had bookings for 29 nights scheduled but was soon cancelled. After some investigation by his power team, it was revealed that the booking was done using a fraudulent card.

Although Lee’s portfolio is on the rise and he continues to learn things within the industry he still works his regular job as a video game maker. Which he has been doing for 17 years.

Personally, things have started to become more difficult for Lee as his multiple sclerosis has begun to worsen making it harder for him to live a normal life.

He faces the daily battle of walking aided by cane.  He hasn’t let this condition slow him down and has a simple message for anyone struggling. Never be held back or let anything hold you down.

The future for Lee’s portfolio is expanding, he already looking at further SA’s and has an off-plan project that he is working on.

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