The BBC Changed Their Mind On Me!

The BBC Changed Their Mind On Me!

The BBC never officially apologized for the Abi Jaiyeloa’s poorly researched documentary; however, they did retract some of their defamatory comments as they claimed that it had been “altered by a junior member staff.”

In October 2020, the BBC Three Countries Radio did another investigation on me after receiving complaints from an ex-student, Glad Bartram. Glad’s case was investigated by Jonathan Vernon-Smith and her complaint made it to the JVS Show where The BBC team fights for consumer rights.

Unfortunately for her, she was caught giving false information and was exposed by The BBC for just jumping on the band wagon of the campaign with no evidence.

Jonathan Vernon-Smith did not pull any punches when he told Glad he had seen the evidence and had no idea what she was talking about as depicted in the email send by us.

As far as we know, Glad was happy during the course and even did a video stating how satisfied she was with the course and how it had helped her a lot as she even wanted to join our crew and so we're not quite sure why she suddenly changed her mind other than jumping on the back of a well-publicized trolling campaign against us.

The truth is that, over 90 percent of our clients give us a score of 7 out of 10 or above for all of the courses which are usually provided by an independent feedback company.

Glad not only provided reviews but also left a video review as we trust this evidence will speak for itself.

She told the presenter that she felt that she would learn even more if she’s in the team but that doesn't make any sense because if you've paid a company to teach you something, then all you want is to be taught.

If you listen to the video review she left us, Glad said that the company is wonderful and other people should also hand over their money and join our courses as she’s gained enough knowledge to go places and become a great property investor.

In the video, she was talking as someone that’s now been educated and has got the knowledge and as a result, she’s now making a success of her life while telling other people that they should also go along with our courses.

She later on told the host of the show that she realized that she was not going to get anywhere within 10 days for the 9,000 pounds she paid earlier on for the course. However, the show’s host could not understand what she was talking about because in the video, she was just talking about how the course had been wonderful to her as it's given her the knowledge to be able to do successful things and how wonderful it is.

The interviewer failed to understand the reason as to why she’d do a video like that even if she was just enjoying the course.

Sadly, the trolls are encouraging people to claim refunds in this manner without cause and I believe that jumping on the bandwagon trying to get her money back when in fact she was speaking of how much she enjoyed the course and how much she learned from it, that's evidence enough that she’s just trying to get her money back even though she was delighted with what she received.

If she was to go to court, we would simply arrive in the court with the written reviews she left us stating how happy she was with the cause while showing the judge the video of her saying how wonderful it was and how much she’s learned as it has given her the keys to unlock her potential as a property investor and the judge would simply rule in our favor.

Glad failed to explain why she did this or whether it was just trolling us when she knows the truth.

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