The Legal Documents Needed For Rent 2 Rent | Q&A SUNDAY

Samuel Leeds

The Legal Documents Needed For Rent 2 Rent | Q&A SUNDAY

0:30 – When buying a property, on completion isit best to remove the current tenants and give it a refurb or keep the tenants as they already have a good renting history

1:37 – Hey Samuel I'm interested in rent to rent, my question is when you walk into an estate agent what is the first thing you say to them about rent to rent. And when you tell an agent is will be done as a corporate let, but corporate let is when you rent out to your employees what if you don't have employees but you want to rent it out to working professional.

2:56 – what legal documents do you need for a rent to rent. and also how do you work out the roi on a deal/ detailed steps. i have a rough idea

5:02 – Hello Samuel, I’m 20 years old and work in a estate agents as I wanted to gain knowledge about property to eventually become a property investor like yourself. I have around 20k just sat in the bank not making me any money what would you recommend me doing to get started on my property investing journey?

6:23 – How would you invest 30K?

7:22 – Hi Samuel, if you have an 8 bed property – would you convert it to two 4-bed HMOs or keep it as an 8-bed HMO bearing in mind the costs involved with conversion to two flats? Or could you consider converting the property to four 2-bed single let flats? Thanks!

8:48 – I want to get into deal sourcing, what is the best way to get started. Ps the crash course was epic!!!

9:41 – Can you do brrr strategy through buy to let mortgage ?

10:11 – Hey Samuel… I’ve found a 4 bed and a 5 bed next door to each other in one of the top 5 growth cities… 3 miles from city centre (+ Uni + hospital)… Have you had experience of buying 2 adjoined properties in a single transaction? Is that even possible? Yet to offer but numbers show Infinite return on a BRRR HMO strategy…

12:09 – If you purchase a cheapish 2 bed BTL up north for around 70-80k, would you advise a single let or rent it out to two separate tenants?

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