The Property Market Is BOOMING…Your Best Chance To Rich!

Samuel Leeds

The Property Market Is BOOMING…Your Best Chance To Rich

  1. The MASSIVE Opportunity

Samuel Leeds

RightMove data shows that the property market is rising at its fastest rate in five years. Wallasey (Merseyside) houses have gone up a whopping 15%! The highest growth is mainly in the North West,  West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber areas. As I have said before, the main opportunity is in places that have bottomed out or have seen limited capital growth. London and many areas in the south  have already seen prices rise substantially and are unlikely to see huge growth in the near future.


The opportunity right now is to find good cash flow properties in areas similar to the ones RightMove have identified, which haven’t yet seen explosive capital growth. In some areas, there are still properties being sold for less than it would cost to construct a new home. In a property boom many of these areas, especially if they are being modernised, are likely to begin to see growth. 

It is all about knowing the right areas and what to look for. It’s also about finding a property with good cash flow so you can hold on to it for as long as you need to; then capital appreciation is just a bonus. If you don’t yet know how to do that, I’ve got something that will help you out hugely but more about that later…     

Samuel Leeds

  1. The Reasons For This Opportunity

Why exactly are prices going up? The Bank of England has been on a programme of currency printing creating £895 billion out of thin air to buy bonds.  They have kept the interest rate banks pay extremely low at 0.1%. As the Bank of England says, “[m]ost of the money in the economy is created, not by printing presses at the central bank, but by banks when they provide loans” and low interest rates encourage banks to create more currency to lend out. 

This has been happening at a time where people have been locked down; not been allowed to go on holiday; and have had access to extra capital through things such as the Bounce Back Loans scheme.


All this has meant that the flow of this new money has been towards assets rather than consumer goods whether that be stocks and shares, cryptocurrencies or property. That’s why right now is such a great time to invest in areas that haven’t yet seen the effects of this tidal wave of currency!        


  1. Why You Need To Act Fast!

That’s the good news. Here’s the bad. Excessive currency printing causes inflation. While the official figures are not too bad for now, we are beginning to see warning signs. In the US, corn is up 44% and gasoline is up 22%. Lumber is up 340% from a year ago. Canada’s central bank has also said that currency printing (quantitative easing) like they, and the Bank of England, are doing “can widen wealth inequality”.

In other words, the gap between rich and poor will grow. As I have predicted before, in the future the middle will be squeezed out more and more. If you choose to sit and wait with the currency in your bank losing value because of inflation, your opportunities will be limited. If you do what the rich do, and invest your money into assets that are designed to outpace inflation, this could be the greatest opportunity in a generation!


This Opportunity Is Just For Action Takers! 

It really doesn’t matter if you have money or not right now. It is just about identifying the right opportunities. If you find amazing opportunities, it isn’t hard to find investors. 

I mentioned earlier I have something to help you with all this. Because I want you to succeed and to find these opportunities, I want to invite you to an advanced training day. Free. On the house. I am holding these training days up and down the country, so there is no excuse this time! If you are an action taker, you can book a free ticket hereToday is the day that you decide which side of the wealth divide you want to be on!     


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