The system is literally a scam

The whole system, especially in the UK, is an absolute scam. And I'm not afraid to say it! It's time to choose. Do you choose to be rich or poor? In a recent YouTube video, I explain exactly what is really going on and how you can avoid falling victim to it. I highly recommend watching the video until the end if you want to avoid the pitfalls being placed in your way by the system.

Many of those that have power and money want to keep it. They want you to be under their control and they don’t want you to learn how to become financially free. In this article, I will expose 2 ways the system is trying to scam you and the way to escape.

1. Inflation in prices, but not in salaries

The relentless digital money printing by central banks has led to the cost of living going up. Food prices are up. Energy prices are up. The cost of travel is up. Everything is going up, but wages are not keeping pace. This means you are in a tough spot as an employee. Your lifestyle is going downwards even though you are working hard.

I have said for sometime that the middle class will be squeezed out. There will just be rich and poor. The system is taking away the middle and, as an employee, you are helpless to stop it. If you want to be on the rich side of the divide, you need to do what the rich do. But the system will tell you, ‘its too risky for you!’.

2. They tell you it is too risky for you to own property

If you own assets like property, inflation doesn’t harm you. The prices of your assets rise and so do rents. The rich know this. Bill Gates is busy buying up as much farm land as he can, and Lloyds Bank has the aim of becoming the UK’s biggest residential landlord. They know that this is the best way to protect against inflation, but they would much prefer you didn’t.

If you go to most high street banks and try to get a mortgage, they will have a lot of questions about your income. They will have extra strict criteria. But if you want money for a holiday or a new kitchen, they are more than happy to lend you it. If you want a credit card to run up consumer debt, they will be more than happy to help. They will ‘help’ you into bad debt, but not good debt.

3. How to escape

Now you know you need to buy income-producing property. But how can you do it if the banks won’t lend you the money? Luckily, there are specialist lenders that will provide mortgages on buy-to-let properties based on the rent you will receive, even if you have a low income. If you can’t buy a property, there are creative ways to control property like rent-to-rent and lease options.

You need to become financially educated. The first step is to pick up my new book – School Drop Out to Multi-Millionaire: A Copy and Paste Guide to Getting Seriously Rich. This book summarises literally everything I know about property all in one big book. Get a copy and let me know how it changes your life.

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