The value of money

The value of money

The value of money might sound like a philosophical debate which needs a dissertation to sufficiently answer it. However, it's actually rather simple. The value of money is an essential topic to get your head around whether you are just starting your journey as an entrepreneur or you are a seasoned pro in business. The way in which you perceive the thing which underpins your success will determine your legacy and overall, your happiness.

For Samuel, business is like a healthy drug. He's addicted to the lifestyle of delivering value in order to reap the rewards. Making money isn't about taking money from people. It's about giving so much value and solving so many problems that you naturally and rightfully earn it in abundance.

Breaking the stigma

In the UK there is a stigma attached to the concept of money. Working and middle class people shy away from speaking about money almost as if it's an evil thing. The quote ‘money is the root of all evil' is often banded around as if it is an irrefutable mantra. It certainly isn't, it isn't even accurate. Money and entrepreneurship are deeply entrenched with societal progress. That's why Samuel always teaches entrepreneurship and business when he goes to do charity work in Africa. It's the one thing which will help alleviate people out of poverty in the long run. It gets people away from dependency and towards a mindset of growth, self-sustenance and optimism.

The person who solves the most problems is the person who makes the most money. Generally speaking, being rich isn't about being greedy, it's simply about being a prolific problem solver. When you go into property and you look to do a rent-to-rent deal, you're also trying to help the landlord live an easier life. You are providing them value in order to receive money. If you go into that negotiation only concerned about yourself, you're unlikely to walk out with a deal. Money and entrepreneurship are innately human affairs and are part of our DNA. We've been trading with each other since the dawn of civilisation.

It's time for you to break your anxiety of money, and start embracing it. Watch this video and share it with your friends!

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