Tips for non-UK residents investing in the UK market.

Tips for non-UK residents investing in the UK market.

Want tips for non-UK residents investing in the UK market? That’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) for this weeks Q&A episode. Every week Samuel answers your most pressing questions for all things property investing.

“The reason people aren’t aren't further on in life is because of a lack of knowledge.” – Samuel Leeds

Who agrees? Once you leave the education system, you never should truly stop learning. Instead, you should take up hobbies that could ignite into passions. An entrepreneurial mind could turn any hobby or passion into a money-making machine. Cultivating multiple streams of income truly generates money. But this is only achieved by a completely different type of wealth. And that’s a wealth of knowledge.


With all that is going on with the world right now, the silver-lining that exists is the fundamental truth that you have more time on your hands than you did before. For some it could be hours, for others, it’s as little as a few extra minutes a day. Money saved on travel expenses etc. The saying ‘time is money’ is something to be taken seriously. It’s the only commodity that once you spend is never going to come back. In fact, isn’t that why we all seek an early retirement? It's to buy more time to be around loved? To focus on something you enjoy? For buying time to learn new things?

We want to become financially free to gain more time and freedom. But to get there you need more time to learn new things. Well? Now you have the time. Use it wisely.

So what are you waiting for!? Learn, learn, learn! Use what little extra time you have to invest in yourself. Read more, be disciplined, learn a new skill. There’s simply no better time to do this.


In this episode Samuel answers the following:

0:40 – What are your sentiments around utilising tenant buyers to boost your BTL cash flow while also helping FTB onto the property ladder?

2:41 – Do you have any tips/resources you recommend for people undergoing their first renovation project?

4:18 – I’m a foreigner (Sweden citizen) and just got approved for a UK Buy to Let mortgage. Do you have any tips and tricks for non-UK residents investing in the UK property market?

6:34 – I'm trying to find R2R HMO cities to get the ball rolling. What advice would you give for someone who lives in the centre of London but needs to research cities up north?

7:39 – Is it better to get a few £70,000 houses where there's limited growth but decent rental yield or save up more and get a £300,000 property where yields are lower but there's room for more growth in 5 years of purchase?

9:09 – When developing a personal brand what are the 3 core values that you hope your audience will associate yourself with?

10:29 – I am based/working full time in London and looking to invest in my first Buy to Let property further away given lower prices and higher rental yields. I am happy to invest further away but have a few concerns, including building a power team in that location and how I could successfully manage a renovation/manage builders while being far away. Do you have any tips regarding this and do you recommend any areas that are within easy access (e.g. up to 2 hours away) to London that is good for investments?

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