UK Property | How to Source Properties & Make £5000 Per Month

In a recent YouTube video, I explained how anyone can make £5,000 per month via deal sourcing. I find it hard to sympathise when someone tells me they don’t have enough money to invest and that everything is going up but wages. That’s because there is a simple way to make money that anyone with the correct training and knowledge can do. That is package and sell deals. Watch the full video (above) to find out how.

You don’t need a lot of money to do this. There is even a way to start without needing to have your own investors, register a company or spend money on compliance. That way is called co-deal sourcing. With co-deal sourcing, all you need to do is find a deal and pass it on to a deal sourcer. The deal sourcer will then sell the deal to their investors and give you a cut of the fee. In this article, I will give you the exact three steps you need to take to become a co-deal sourcer.

1. Learn to find good deals

Before you start looking for deals, you need to know what a good deal is and how to find one. You can work a lot of this out by watching my YouTube videos, reading my blog posts and getting some of my books. However, it is better to get some training before you start trying to become a co-deal sourcer yourself.

I have advanced training on deal sourcing, but if you can’t afford to commit to that just yet, don’t worry. A great place to start is on the Property Investors Crash Course. The Property Investors Crash Course is only £1, so there are no excuses. For just £1, you can learn how to find amazing property deals. In fact, you may well find one on the course itself!

2. Make a deal with a deal sourcer

Now that you know how to find deals, it is time to speak to a deal sourcer. There are so many people selling deals out there and many don’t have enough deals for their clients. Ask them what sort of deals their clients are looking for at the moment. Once they tell you, ask them if you found something that meets the description, would they be willing to offer it to their clients and split the fee with you.

3. Pass on good deals

Find good deals that meet the description that the deal sourcer is looking for. Get an indication of what the seller might accept by asking an ‘if I were to offer…’ question. Once you have all the details, send it to the deal sourcer. Often the deal sourcer will be able to sell the deal for 2% of the price of the property. The average price of a property in the UK is about £300K. That means the fee will be about £6,000. You will need to split it with the deal sourcer, so you will get about £3,000. Do that twice a month and you will be making £6,000 per month! As your income grows, you can re-invest that money into going into business by yourself.

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