UK property tips

UK Property Tips

On today's episode of Q&A Sunday, you'll hear about property investment strategy, the market, mortgages and more. If you are looking for UK property tips, you are in the right place. Have you got questions of your own? You can enter them in the comments section beneath the video. Each week, our resident property icon, Samuel Leeds picks a handful to answer. This is the best place to learn some UK property tips and apply them. It doesn't matter what part of the property investment journey you are on, you can never stop learning and acquiring new knowledge.

Where to Focus

One issue which is discussed is about the geography of your investments. If you are at the beginning of your property investment career, you might be wondering where to focus. Should you pick one area or multiple? Samuel says you should select an area you know well. Make sure you've done your research and have evidence that your strategy will work there. Your objective should be to dominate that area by doing case studies, joint ventures, raising finance and smart investments.

If the market changes for whatever reason, you can sell up or refinance your properties in that area and move your focus elsewhere. Moreover, another big advantage to just focusing on one area is you only have to deal with one management company. Sometimes handling management companies can be as difficult as managing the properties yourself. Plus, why have dozens when you can just work with one for that area? Furthermore, you don't need to pick somewhere close to home. It just has to make sense from a business standpoint. Many of Samuel's investments have been far from his residence.

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