Undercover Millionaire ‘Samuel Leeds’ Gives Away Luxury Car & A Free House in Hyde Park, London

Samuel Leeds

Undercover Millionaire ‘Samuel Leeds’ Gives Away Luxury Car & A Free House in Hyde Park, London!

Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds,

Real Estate ‘Guru’ & ‘Mentor’ Has Done Something Out Of The Box This April 202

If you wish you were in Hyde Park, London on April 3, 2021 – It’s quite natural you’ll feel so, after you read the entire article and understand why!
Samuel Leeds, a multi-millionaire is a real estate guru with his venture ‘Property Investors’ where he trains many real-estate enthusiasts on how one can attain financial freedom by being an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. This charismatic man set out on quite an adventurous morning. His urge to try something out of the box is what makes him so out there in the real estate industry. An idea of an earnest social experiment clicked Samuel’s mind to see if people can really take a little risk out there.
The Social Experiment
Samuel offered to give away one of his houses for free, along with a separate giveaway in a mystery box.  The experiment began when Samuel walked around Hyde Park in London with a contract of his house worth 60 thousand pounds. He went around the park asking if they wanted to sign the contract and own the house, no mortgage and just legal fees to be paid. Not one person came forward to sign the papers and own the house. Most people ignored him or thought it to be a prank.
The other giveaway was a mystery box. Samuel put up 1000 pounds and the keys of his range rover in that mystery box. He also went around offering the mystery box for a mere price of 3 pounds and asked people if they wanted to check what was inside the box. Just 3 pounds! Not one person in the whole park was ready to take the risk and check that box. Samuel then decided to take the contract of his house and ask people directly if they wanted it for free.
Georgia, one of the people in the park was so close to signing the contract, but she too was very suspicious of what was happening with her. When she felt she would sign, her peer told her it would be a scam and prevented her from signing it. Our society programmed us into believing that we need to work hard, so getting money or houses for free is nothing but a dream ultimately.
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