Visually impaired teens are on a mission to become property entrepreneur multi-millionaires…..

Visually impaired teens are on a mission to become property entrepreneur multi-millionaires…

TWO visually impaired Bradford teens, who are determined to become property entrepreneurs, are hoping to inspire others with disabilities.

Abdur Khan and Shane Greatbatch, who first met at Grove House primary School in Bradford, are on a mission to become multi-millionaires.

The pair, now 19 and 16, want to show young people with a disability that anything is possible.

They have organised around 50 house viewings after sourcing and selling a property deal while taking part in a training course in London, earning themselves a £3,000 fee.

Abdur, of Allerton, who is studying Business and Management at Leeds Trinity University, was born with retinoblastoma, a condition caused by a tumour in the eye. He is classified as legally blind.

Doctors predicted Shane, of Tyersal, would lose all his vision by the time he was a teenager, but his sight has improved over the past four years. He is currently on the same business course at Bradford College that Abdur previously attended.

Both were drawn to business at an early age and Shane has been studying property investing on the internet, picking up strategies to use.

A few months ago, the teenagers discovered a free crash course on property investing in Leeds, run by Property Investors, and have since attended more in Manchester, followed by advanced training in London.

During that course, they put their training into practice and unearthed a property deal while trawling through Rightmove.

“We spotted it while we were in the hotel at six in the morning. It was a property being sold in Bradford which we thought was below market value,” said Shane.

“It made great sense as a buy, refurbish, refinance project where an investor can seriously increase the value of property and then pull out their money to recycle into other projects.”

An investor snapped it up later that day, and their early success has fired them up to identify other investment opportunities.

Abdur said: “My dad was sceptical of all this at first, because we had no capital to start with and he thought everything sounded just too good to be true. But that changed when he saw the colour of the money and he’s really pleased for us!

A member of the Property Investors Academy who is a fully compliant deal sourcer is helping them to sell deals until they have everything in place to do it on their own.

Property Investors’ founder, Samuel Leeds, admitted he faced a bit of a dilemma when he heard two young and disabled people wanted to come on an advanced training course.

“I was worried they might be vulnerable, but when I spoke to them I could really feel their passion and hunger to succeed. It was also obvious that they had already acquired some good knowledge and that they were serious.

“Shane is only 16 but had the full support of his mother.”

“They then arrived at training one morning and said they had found a deal online which ticked all the boxes investors look for.

“These guys are smart and everyone warmed to them. None of us will be surprised if they go on to become successful property entrepreneurs. They are great role models for others with disabilities.”

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