We Built Our Dream Home & Made £250,000 Profit Doing It ❤️

Samuel Leeds

We Built Our Dream Home &Made £250,000 Profit Doing It!

Hey people, this is Samuel Leeds. Today, I will share one of the property investor’s success. He
is already in the Property Investors Academy. He built his dream home and while I was in
Middlesbrough, he messaged me to come and see his home. I thought why not and then I went
there. I was really amazed to see their success. Daniel and his wife showed me the whole
house. The interior is impressive because they didn’t fill lots of stuff. They keep it decent looking
with a white theme. Let’s see what they have in it.

Visit to Dream Home
I went to Daniel’s new home and it was all white which looked beautiful. It was all furnished so I
thought they had finalized it but they said it is almost near to completion. The house is 440
square meters and it is 4000 square feet. They have a double garage which looks amazing.
Then we moved to see the lounge which was really pretty decorated; however according to
Daniel the work is still not finished here.
Daniel shared that he usually stays out of home because of work and he is a structural engineer
then he came into property and started making money. He built his own house and earned
almost millions of profit. After visiting the downstairs area, we then went upstairs and the stairs
were beautifully carpeted in grey color. The entrance has a decent vase with artificial flowers
and a lamp on the sleek stylish table. He showed me the master bedroom. It has an attached
bath which is a big ensuite. We viewed the whole upstairs area including their room which was
tidy and decent. They have made a little nursery for their baby who is coming soon. It is simple
yet eye-catching.
Then we went to the second floor which was also very spacious and under progress. There are
rooms and bathrooms, everything was empty because they were on it for construction. But it
looked nice overall. The house has six bedrooms in total. They did so well from construction to
decoration and everything. I really liked it.

Wrap Up!
So, that was their home visit and it was a really beautiful white home. They earned a great profit
from this house and it’s fabulous. The home is being valued around £1,000,000. Efforts and
struggles surely give good returns, you just need to focus on it and don’t stop, keep doing it.

Also, learn skills and strategies for better results. They also made their Instagram page and got
a good number of followers in no time. This idea was given by Daniel’s wife and it worked out.
That’s cool. I like it.
I hope you enjoy the video, see you next time and if you want to see more videos, get
information and knowledge about property and investments guides then do subscribe to my
Youtube channel. Take care, bye!

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