WE GOT A NEW CAR! – Mercedes EQC Electric Review (tax benefits)

Samuel Leeds

WE GOT A NEW CAR! – Mercedes EQC Electric Review (tax benefits)

Hello people! This is me, Samuel Leeds. Today I am with my pretty wife Amanda Leeds and she is so happy because she got a new electric car which is Mercedes EQC. I saw it for the first time as I was at the event last night so I saw it in the morning and we also had a ride in it. We made this video to share her happiness with you all and we also discussed the tax benefits of having an electric car so it might help you or inspire you to buy it. Maybe I will buy it for myself too. So, let’s see what we did in this video. 


Review of Mercedes EQC

The color of Amanda’s Mercedes is gray however it mostly gives the effect of black. The car is four by four and looks beautiful. Amanda opened the back side which has a cute decent size buggy. It has a cable sort of thing with which you can plug in anywhere you are. We want the car which should have three car seats because we have three kids and we want this for them and guess what? This Mercedes has three perfectly designed car seats.

Coming to the front side, the driving seat, Amanda sat on it and showed its beautiful parts. On the right side of the steering, there is a nice rose gold detailing which is a coincidence because Amanda loved it. This car is premium plus AMG which means it’s the best one. This electric car works wonders as it has 234 miles of range when it is fully charged. It has a charger fixed in our garage so she can charge her electric car easily whenever it is needed. The charger cost around 600 pounds and it was tax deductible. 

Let me explain to you a bit, let’s take my car which is on petrol and if you want to lease this car, you will take out the cash from your company as a wage or dividend and you will have to pay tax around 40% or more because you are taking out money from your company and whatever is left you will pay for the car. But with electric cars,  your company will pay for it and you can claim back 100% which is tax deductible. Every single penny that you will pay to get this electric car is tax deductible. 

Coming to its charging, it has a long charging pipe which is plugged in the right side of the car from where the petrol fills in but it is an eclectic car so it has a charging point. Amanda has an app on her phone which keeps updating her about the car charging and when it is full, it shows in the app.

We took a ride in the Mercedes and believe me it is faster than my range rover. I loved driving it, it is so convenient and it doesn’t have a hand brake.. It started raining when we went on the drive so I drove back home. The car does not make any sound, nobody can recognize if the car is coming. According to Amanda, once you start driving an electric car you won’t wish to go back to petrol ones just like when people started driving automatic cars, they don’t like to drive manual one. She rated her car 10/10 and even I rated the same. 

I asked Amanda why she didn't buy this car but took it on lease? She said buy things that will go up in value while cars usually depreciate so it has no benefit to buy. She is right, it is like people say that if you buy a Tesla 10 years ago then your money will go down but if you put this money in Tesla stock then it will make you a millionaire. So, what we do is we invest or put up our money into the things that go up in value. Like property we invest in, get the rent and with that rent we pay the lease of the car. We then don’t pay the tax because the government is trying to incentivize people to go electric. 


Benefits of Electric Car
It has many advantages.


  • Tax efficient 
  • Less emissions
  • Drive smoothly
  • Futuristic
  • Hassle Free


Wrapping Up!

This is my wife Amanda’s car review. She loved it. Actually, I loved it too and will buy it for myself also. This has so much attraction while driving. Hope you enjoy the video. Do like my video and keep watching me. Just don’t forget to hit the bell icon of my Youtube channel. See you, bye!

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