Welcome overseas property investor – Gwyn Thomas!

In 2003 Gwyn Thomas decided to move to Russia where he planned to accelerate his career by being unique in a different market. By day he was working as head of procurement for one of the biggest commercial developers in Europe, whilst learning new strategies of how to invest in property from my YouTube channel by night.

Gwyn was inspired to break free from the corporate world by one of my past academy members who now has multiple rent-to-rent deals and a cash flow of thousands per month. He took immediate action and booked on to the September crash course all the way from Russia! After securing THREE deals and generating a monthly profit, Gwyn is also in the process of gaining a serviced accommodation deal as well as placing a bid for ten units to turn into flats, now that is impressive! When I asked what were the biggest tips he learnt after being mentored by myself, Gwyn commented,  “Act on your instinct and do not hold back. Before I joined the academy I needed that little push which would start me getting involved. When you are talking about SA specifically, start making bookings and advertising your property on the market.”

Gwyn has a piece of advice to share for anyone who is thinking about investing in property “In every situation, I have made bold decisions and have been out of my comfort zone. When you start forcing yourself to do things you are not comfortable with, you will develop.”

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day folks!

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