We’ve been LIED TO

I recently published a video on YouTube explaining all the lies we are told by the system. Starting from school onwards, we are misled by the education system, the government and the media. As a multimillionaire property investor, I have had to break out of that system and copy what the rich actually do – rather than what they say you should do! With the right knowledge, work ethic and training, this is something I think anyone can do.

To learn exactly how the system has lied to you and what you can do to take back control, please watch the full video above. In this article, I will give you 3 lessons you can take from the video to implement in your own life. If you find this information helpful, please share it on social media to spread the message of financial education to the masses.

1. Question what you have been told

There are many things that are considered common knowledge that are simply not questioned. But someone taught them to you. In many cases, the people that taught you these things had the best of intentions. However, it is likely that those people (parents, teachers, etc.) are not rich and have themselves been taught those things by a system designed to create obedient workers for the rich.

One example of this is that the only two options open to you in the education system are to be academically gifted or learn a trade. They miss out an important third option, entrepreneurship and investing. I wasn’t very successful at school, but I have been extremely successful in the business world. Never simply pick from the options placed before you, look for your own path.

2. Pursue the unconventional path

Just because everyone else is doing something, it doesn’t mean it will be right for you. If you do the same thing as the rest of society, you will get the same results as they do. That means working non-stop until retirement, to then finally be ‘free’ to live on 40% of the income you struggled to live on in the first place. Some pensioners now need to continue working simply to afford to live!

The unconventional path gets unconventional results. Spend sometime finding a few property deals that can bring you £2,000 a month (mostly passively) and you suddenly have a lot more options in life! Imagine if this was taught in schools, even if it took people 1 or 2 years to find those deals while they were working, it would improve their lives hugely.

3. Taking control of your financial future

It isn’t in the rich or the government's interests to teach you any of this. They need the people to be on a continual treadmill of work. This ensures an obedient workforce and a population that doesn’t have the time or energy to question anything. If you want control of your financial future, you need to take it yourself. You need to find people that have done it, and learn from them. You need to find education that doesn’t come from the mainstream sources. You need to find like-minded people to work with.

A good start is my £1 training events! There you will find out exactly how I make my money. You can book a ticket here, but be quick as tickets sell out fast!

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