What do I do With the Profits From my Business

Samuel Leeds

What do I do With the Profits From my Business

Every week I try to answer as many of your questions as possible. If you have a burning question you would like me to answer please comment below and I will try my best to answer it on next weeks episode.


Question 1: Hi Samuel, in my quest to become financially free, I'm finding to get a good B2L mortgage, a lot of mortgage lenders require a minimum employment income of £25K. How can I become financially free if mortgage lenders have this requirement?

Question 2: How do you do split 50/50 with an investor on a BRRR?

Question 3: I love your content and the crash course I went to was great! I have a 6 bed HMO but my letting agent is taking a long time to fill the 6th room is there anything I could do to speed up getting it filled? Also what is your opinion on 15% deposits compared to 25%

Question 4: Quick question mate. Seen some of your videos and you seem to suggest you’ve bought the property without physically viewing it. “It looks better than the photos” – do you recommend this, isn’t it a risk and what sort of things should you be looking out for if buying without viewing. Thanks in advance

Question 5: Hi Samuel, what do you do with profits inside your businesses, do you just constantly reinvest and buy properties with the money, pay yourself..etc?

Question 6: hey samuel I found a new 1 bedroom flat in london for 196k do you think thats a good price?

Question 7: Hi Big Sam! I have 7 BTL properties currently giving me around 3k net profit per month so I’m financially free with alot of help from your videos. Some of the properties are rented by the room and some single lets. How do I grow the portfolio now? Also how do I finance the growth? Should I approach my bank for asset lending facilities? Can you briefly breakdown how you grew your portfolio from the position Im in to where you are now? Thanks buddy your awesome 😎

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